How to decorate a living room in Japanese style?

How to decorate a living room in Japanese style?

Japanese culture is often reflected in modern homes. It’s because of the simplicity of the interior, minimalist trends and comfort in the room. It’s also important, that Japanese style needn’t use spacious room; for example, even the little living room can be a perfect place for gatherings.

How to decorate a living room in Japanese style

Decoration living room in Japanese style

Usually, there are tatami on the floor – it’s so called straw mats, consisting of three parts:

• Thin cane mat;
• Straw, woven with threads of synthetic or cane;
• Heri – a decorative piece, mainly used during the tea ceremony;

The ceiling should be decorated with hanging frosted panels and wooden beams. You can use spot bulbs for lighting – but traditional lamps are more close for Japanese style. The base of the lamp – is metal, wood or bamboo of rounded or square shape. A feature of this lighting is the opened top and bottom, covered with rice paper sides.

Wallpapers with Japanese coloring are also pretty good and expensive options. There may be a variety of Japanese characters, photo printing bamboo or rustic landscapes. All surfaces should be decorated with bright colors, but the floor should be always one shade darker.

Generally, there no walls in Japanese houses: they have widespread zones and mobile partitions. This circumstance provides an opportunity: you can reschedule your house if you want.

To emphasize the Japanese style in the living room, you should use large windows. They will make it more spacious and closer to nature. To protect against bright sunlight and views of the strangers in the night, just use bamboo blinds, that are easy and beautiful.

There should be sliding doors in the living room. In Japan they called fusuma and looks like a wooden frame with silk panels mounted in special slots on the ceiling and the floor. Images on the silk are essential style attributes. They are created with mineral paints and ink. Picture itself demonstrates a cherry blossom branch or dragons, tigers and birds, misty mountains or something else.

Furniture in Japanese living room

There should be some necessary furniture in Japanese style: sofa, table and wardrobe. If there is a need to separate dining area, you also need chairs. All the furniture should be low, easy and pretty nifty.

People are used to sit on the floor in the East, but since European people have another rules, you should better choose soft and squat sofa. Instead of bulky wardrobes, choose spacious built-in models.

There are some accessories, demonstrating the identity of Japan: different figures, fans or ikebana. It is worth noting floor vases with themed ornaments, where artificial Sakura branches or large flowers can be placed.

In conclusion we should say, that Japanese style in the living room is the perfect choice for those who enjoy ethnic interior or richness of Eastern culture. Such room gives opportunity to relax and spend time with the guests.

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