How to decorate interior in English style?

How to decorate interior in English style?

Traditional interior in English style will appeal to those who prefer a classic decor with luxury, strong character and charm. This style can be issued to any room. It is a mixture of flavors of different ages, which is a classic in the modern world and is suitable ideally for those who are accustomed to live in a standard apartment or house for a family with an average income. English style creates a cozy and elegant interior, which is not subject to fashion. But it is hardly possible to recommend this style to those, who are accustomed to the chic and luxury of a country house, as it won’t meet their exquisite taste.

How to decorate interior in English style

In a classic English style, there are several features that can be called a key. For example carpets, which hung in the living room and bedrooms. They should always be spectacular, of soothing colors and with unusual pattern, good quality is necessary. Wood stoves or fireplaces compliment the carpets. Fireplace in general is a symbol of the English style. In today’s world, this design element is gaining popularity again. Fireplaces may be made of marble, bricks, limestone and stone. The finish may be made of carved wood décor. And over the fireplace should be a large mirror in a gilt frame.

The lighting gives brightness to the interior. The English style uses many different types of bras, beautiful chandeliers, floor lamps, as well as natural light. Classic involves the use of gold leaf, copper and crystal in large quantities, so you can decorate picture frames and lamp and bases with gold. Various crystal objects and copper figures will give charm to the interior.
English style is strict, but at the same time luxurious. Only the highest quality materials and furnishings are used for decoration. The interior is decorated once and for all times, so you can complement it with good-quality wooden furniture of dark shades. As a rule, all items are made of expensive wood, such as fumed oak or mahogany. The furniture has intricate carved legs and handles in the form of commas.

Special drapes and curtains are used for decoration of the windows. They are extremely beautiful due to the large bulk draperies, swags, and various cords with tassels. For those who like to relax, sitting on the windowsill, you can make a few pillows to match the curtains. For sewing curtains and upholstery for furniture connoisseurs of the English style prefer fabrics such as velvet, damask, skin with a luxurious texture and rich patterns.

Beautiful parquet floor and patterns lined of the tiles are acceptable for the floor. Furniture is the most basic element in the English style. It should be fully in harmony with the textiles chosen in warm colors, and color of the walls. The furniture is classical, but is made of expensive wood, which makes it luxurious and robust.

The carpet has to necessarily be on the parquet floor. It is a symbol of prosperity and dignity. Carpets are used in the living room and bedrooms only. The tiles, laid out in a checkerboard pattern, will be appropriate in the kitchen and the hall. Crystal accessories, copper and gold perfectly fit into this entire splendor.

Choosing textiles for the English-style rooms, note the pattern. After all, it is an important element in creating a cozy environment. Choosing damask with iridescent floral pattern, don’t be afraid to supplement it with a strip of cloth of different shade. They are perfect together.

English style can be called universal. It gathered a borrowed finds from around the world. The love for antique images is expressed in the image of acanthus leaves on the cloth. The entire interior is imbued with the spirit of travel. These are Persian carpets, luxury French rococo, strict Italian Renaissance, expressed in the tableware and accessories. Fabric plays a very important role. Traditionally, this is striped fabric. Two broad bands of contrasting color are mostly used. And between them is a narrow strip close in tone to the both.

Damask is very popular. It has the same color, but different light gives a three-dimensional effect, combining the contrast of shiny and matt fragments. The most common colors are in Oriental style. These are shades of golden, blue, brick, green tones with a large pattern of so called ‘Indian cucumber’. Velvet and chenille are considered to be ideal fabrics for the curtains. They complement the tasteful furniture. It is not always English interior should be kept in dark colors. It perfectly combines the green, gold and cream colors. Such paints are perfect for the bedroom. But in the living room you’ll create a feeling of comfort, luxury and wealth with burgundy and gold colors. Pick up the correct colors, and your interior will always be interesting and quite fashionable!

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