How to diversify a casual look?

How to diversify a casual look?

The casual look can get bored very quickly, especially if there is no reason to dress up. But you can also diversify you closet in several simple ways. Let’s understand how to do it. Casual is a style, which has extremes. There is a risk to be like other, and the real opportunity to stand out from bad daily looks.

How to diversify a casual look

Meet the color!

When buying clothes for every day, as a rule, try not to choose too bright colors, prefer more traditional shades. No to wallow in the depths of the predictable combinations, you can follow the rule – every fifth purchase have to be bright color. Choose red, yellow of turquoise hues as they are easier to combine.

This method is best suited to buy trousers, skirts, shoes, bags or accessories. Bright things that will definitely be the center of attention can be found in the collections of different fashion brands both of the premium segment and “mass market”. All depends on the opportunities of your wallet. Most importantly, feel free to choose quite bold and stylish models, that will harmonize perfectly with casual wardrobe.

Passion about accessories

Nobody cancelled details – select wide scarf or bright textiles. Plaid pattern or stripe would be ideal option, because they are designed to change the image and make it brighter.

Before you make a choice, start with a colorful printed options, think about how great it will look on gray rainy days.

A little bit of childishness and French chic

Jumper with a V-cut, solid dark hat of fell with a wide brim or cropped trousers with ironed hands can help to add style.

Be careful, because such style might look rough on imperfect figures. In such cases try to use only a couple of accessories with a French chic. And, on the contrary, it will be ideal option for tall girls, because it will emphasize their slimness. And it fits in everyday wardrobe.

Play on the contrast of volumes

The latest fashion trend is voluminous hoodie clothes, that beckons to be wrapped up into it. Such images are quite suitable for daily walks to work or exploring the city.

Designers offer various options of coat and poncho of warm thick soft tissues. But such dress has one danger – you risk looking like a person with a sack of potatoes. Therefore, it’s better to prefer oversized coat of bright colors. It may be blue or pink hues, especially, because of that fact that make a perfect pair with skinny trousers of jeans.

A mixture of styles

Try to add one item of a completely different clothing style to your image. It can be military shoes, caps with the romantic lace and sequins. Your image will still be like everyday, but definitely much brighter.

You can see on the latest fashion shows that designers are increasingly inspired be the idea of adding bold details in casual clothes, the make it more interesting.

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