How to fight jealousy?

How to fight jealousy?

Jealousy is a terrible destructive feeling. It can occur for no reason and spoil life. That’s because of jealousy a lot of people broke up. And it goes on all over the world.

How to fight jealousy

It is said that if a person is jealous, it means that he loves. Do not believe it! Jealousy is the desire to control every step of the chosen one, thereby depriving the lover of personal space and taking away his/her freedom. This is not love, more precisely not its manifestation. And if you feel that you love and cherish your second half, you do not want to lose him or her, but you are constantly worried about jealousy then you have serious cause for concern. It is necessary to overcome the jealousy, until it overcomes your love.

This, of course, does not apply to cases where there is a real cause for jealousy. If the manifestation of your emotions has a clear justification, there is need to think about whether you need such person who does not value you and makes you jealous. What is the future of the relationship, if there is a future at all?

If you do not have a reason, but you keep thinking about cheating and continue to be jealous, then pay attention to the recommendations below on how to overcome jealousy and maintain the relationship. By applying these tips to your life, you will be able to live freely and fully. Manifestations of destructive emotion will no longer poison your life.

Here are the recommendations:

1. The first thing you need is to realize that you are jealous and that you want to get rid of it.

2. Understand why you are having these feelings and thoughts. Write down your experiences on paper (write it by hand), and then re-read. Looking at what you’ve written, you can see your fears from the side. And you’ll realize that they are much exaggerated in your mind. And actually, it’s not so bad, and in ninety-nine cases they are not justified.

3. Why do you think that you need to be jealous of your partner to other men or women? Aren’t you attractive enough? Or maybe you have low self-esteem, and you think that the people around you are better than you? If so, work on yourself. Write down in the column that you do not like in yourself. And in another column write down what you like in yourself – your positive qualities. Nobody is perfect. Improve your best sides and love yourself with all faults.

4. Do not try to build relationships on violence and coercion. If you are together, it means that all consensual. And it means that you have chosen each other from all other people. Trust each other. After all, trust is one of the most important aspects of good relationships.

5. Express your emotions. Talk with each other about everything. Feel free to say what you feel. Treat with understanding what you hear. If you have a fear of losing a loved one because of your jealousy and constant suspicion then explain it to him or her. Tell what you suffer from. It won’t make things worse for both of you. But it would be much easier to solve the problem together than if you hold all the experiences in yourself.

These are the main principles of struggle with a sense of jealousy. Follow these simple guidelines and the results will soon be seen. And no matter how it was just love yourself. After all, you should always start with yourself. And then you can expect something from the others.

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