How to fight the stress?

How to fight the stress?

No one has the immune to the stress situations occurrence. Under the influence of stress the likelihood of serious errors increases, the capacity for work reduces, the person feels depressed, has health problems. It is necessary to understand what the impact of stress on the body is, and that what is necessary to take in order to minimize the negative effects.



Key symptoms include:
• sleep disorders, insomnia;
• state of apathy for no apparent reason, anxiety, fear;
• a feeling of loneliness, depression, mood swings;
• lack of aspirations and desires.

The main reasons for the stress occurrence

In order to carry out effective control of the emotional stress, it is necessary to know the causes of its development. They can be divided into two categories: internal and external. The first group includes different in the type incidents, which had a strong impact on the internal state of a person. A striking example is a long stay of the person alone. The psychological dissonance that arises due to the inability to achieve an object causes a person to be nervous, and feel depressed.

External influences, such as the conflicts at work, trouble in family life can also lead to prolonged stress. But not only the negative events can become a cause of stress. Nervous stress arises in the case of change of residence, a promotion, a strong emotional impact from the outside.

Types of the stresses

1. Acute stress. Sudden emotional stress, which was caused by an event (sad news, quarrel, etc.).
2. Chronic emotional stress. Most often it develops as a consequence of prolonged emotional stress.
3. The psychological (nervous) stress. It is manifested because of internal contradictions (lack of implementation, low self-esteem, and increased self-criticism).
4. Physical overexertion during overloads of the body (loud noise, bright light, intense workouts).

The common myths

Myth №1. Work is the main cause of stress. Many people believe that the more time a person pays to his official duties, the higher the level of emotional stress. However, not the work itself plays the role here, but the inner attitude of the individual himself. It is important to learn how to concentrate on doing one task, not trying to perform multiple things at once. This will not only improve the efficiency of labor activity, but also reduce the level of overvoltage.

Myth number 2. Stress undermines the health. The misconception about clearly negative impact of stress on health is common enough. But in fact these allegations are not true at all. A striking example is exercising, during which a person knowingly exposes himself to physical exertion (i.e. stress). Within reasonable limits sport is not a health hazard, but vise versa; so, it is worth to consider this myth not so uniquely.

Myth number 3. It is always important to avoid stressful situations. This view is also not completely correct. Intelligent, conscious creation of stress situations has a beneficial effect on human development; it increases endurance and resistance to different kinds of emotional stress.


Where to start the fight against stress?

Getting rid of high emotional stress is not an easy task, but it is quite feasible in the presence of desire. The main thing here is to drop all your fears and overcome laziness. The first step to getting rid is the source definition. This will help to control your emotions in certain situations. It is very useful to write down all the possible causes on the paper. Thus it is possible to identify the sources of the alleged problems that do not exist in reality, as well as identify key challenges to further abatement.

Try to think and act positively. Starting the day with a negative, it is likely that until the evening, the overall state will be nervous and agitated. It is worth remembering that the relation to a particular incident depends on the inner attitude.

The next step should be to identify stress factors, which are essentially a pretext, not the cause. Depending on the perception, they may cause or may not cause the tension. Categories of factors:

• The first of these are reasons slightly depending on the desires of the individual. These include weather conditions, the nature and actions of other people, as well as the constitution, taxes, price;
• The next group includes the circumstances that each individual can affect. For example, the alignment of priorities in life, setting goals, interaction with others;
• The third category brings all the events and phenomena that person, because of his perception, turns into a problem. So, many years some people may experience minor events of the past or think too worried about the future life.

Proper disposal of troublesome thoughts and ideas will not only maintain the health and peace of mind, but also will have a positive impact on later life.

Some techniques and methods

It is necessary to reject excessive perfectionism. Striving for perfection, that’s fine. But here it is important to understand that sometimes it is enough just to perform the duties well, not forcing yourself into the rigid framework of increased requirements. This installation will help to avoid stress. Enjoying your work will allow to perform it with soul. Do not be afraid to change the scope of activities, if you cannot fall in love with the work. It is important to be able to concentrate only on one task, do not to start the additional cases at the time when you have not finished the previous yet. This advice applies even to such a process, as the meal (not to be reading while eating, talking on the phone or discussing the problem).

There should be the time for the rest. Fooling around, laughing, and making pleasant stupidity – all this has a positive impact on performance, if from time to time indulge yourself with moments of relaxation. Sometimes it is useful to unload yourself, distributing some of your affairs among others.


It is useful in dealing with stress to find a fun hobby that will restore the harmonious state of mind. For best results, it is useful to alternate your favorite thing with the feasible physical activity. This could be yoga, gym, swimming. A few hours of yoga will bring no less good than eight hours of sleep. The main thing is that the process is fun, then you will not be tempted to give up everything as soon as possible.

Reading books is also a great way to achieve peace of mind. It is worth a try, even if the reading does not have traction. For the start, you can read 1-2 pages of preferable publication every night. Who knows, maybe this occupation will entice so that for a long time you will not want to part with the book.

Long walks in the fresh air away from the noisy urban environment are another proven method of dealing with stress. It is useful to touch the natural textures: the bark of trees, grass, rocks. Similar walks are desirable to be done as often as possible. Contemplation of nature, fresh air will help to distract from the negative thoughts and feelings, will give you the energy and give new strength.

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