How to get rid of inferiority complex?

How to get rid of inferiority complex?

Two women are walking along the street, look, how different they are. One is not beautiful and dressed cheaply, but how proudly and independently kept; the other is quite nice, but shrank, like afraid of somebody. What’s wrong with her? Most likely, it’s the inferiority complex: the woman does not believe in her attractiveness, intelligence, abilities and afraid no to please boss or family. Do you recognize yourself in it? Then think, maybe it’s time to increase self-esteem.

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Before getting rid of this unpleasant problem and gaining confidence, decide if you really need it. Maybe you hid in the complex, an it’s a cozy, secluded corner from all sorts of life’s problems for you? Are you ready to lose such protection? Maybe you need to be regretted and calmed? And how convenient is to be a miserable gray mouse! Of course, in this case you can’t wait for any bonuses, but they don’t ask for a lot. And while complaining to your friends there is a chance to get a compliment. Before eradicating the inferiority complex, think, if you are ready to give up this protection. Note that nobody would spare the self-confident woman, and the requirements are much higher, than for a notorious loser. Did you decide to change your life? Great!

Don’t think that it’s easy and quickly to get rid of inferiority complex. No, it will cling to you, constantly reminding about itself. And you shouldn’t fight, just try to bring it up to absurd sizes. For example, you consider yourself as a fat and ugly and think that men hate to talk with you. Sit in a chair and stretch your imagination to imagine that you are walking on a crowded street. What do you see? Does someone pay attention on you? Bad imagination, men are frowning and turning away. Strengthen you complex – they are already moving away, and then run, closing their eyes.

Continue until you think “What a nonsense!” Do you realize now, what a ridiculous question? Even though you are not beautiful, but not a beast.

Is inferiority complex still alive? Not the matter, turn it into a megalomania. Look among those, you can trust, who like joking and assign him to be your personal free therapist. Agree to every complaint of yours, he would reply “Congratulations on the title of the main loser of the world!” or “Only the winner of “Miss Coward” contest may be afraid of such a simple task”. It’s uncomfortable to listen to these words, but you should be patient and the therapeutic effect will be stunning.

Once again you are walking on the same street, look at yourself with eyes of the passerby: you are not cringing and not slouching now, the gait is firmer, the look is ahead. You passed through the school of self-affirmation, it’s time to take the exam. Have the courage, go to boss and talk to him about that you are ready to do more complicated tasks but for a higher payment. Did he refuse?

Don’t worry, because you are a great specialist, and it will be easy to find a decent job for you. And, In general, you are now a confident person, who can cope with any difficulties – both on the labor frond and on a personal one.

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