How to get rid quickly of the swellings under the eyes

How to get rid quickly of the swellings under the eyes

Black and green tea

Cold tea bags are a fast and reliable tool in the fight against manifestations of edema. Suffice it to drop bags in boiling water for 1-2 minutes, do not wring and put in the freezer for 5 minutes. Attach to the eyes for 5-10 minutes, wash with cool water.

Silver spoon against swellings

This method will effectively get rid of puffiness under the eyes and suit everyone without exception. This will require a silver spoon. Knowledge of special massage technology is not required, and the procedure takes a minimum of time. Dip a small spoon in cold water or crushed ice for 10 minutes. Take a comfortable position, tilt the head, put under the eyes. To enhance the effect, perform a circular motion massage in a clockwise direction. Cutlery should be in contact with the skin until it warms up. Then again, cool and apply to the eyes. The procedure is repeated 4-5 times.

As the prevention, the procedure can be carried out several times a week. Spoon massage is suitable for all, and is worthy to be called ‘the best’ as the healing power of silver on the human body is known. Unlike cosmetic remedies and folk medicine spoon of noble metal does not cause discomfort during use and will not cause allergic reactions.

Massage against the swellings under the eyes

Hand massage is an effective tool for getting rid of unhealthy swelling on the face. Its goal is to improve and accelerate the blood circulation and lymph flow processes in the tissues around the eyes. Increased blood flow activates the drainage properties of the skin and promotes the resorption of edema.

Getting a massage, it is important to take into account a number of conditions. Interaction with dry skin is not recommended; before a massage, area around the eyes is treated with oil – grape, flax, pumpkin, etc., cosmetic milk or cream. It is necessary to achieve a state where fingers freely glide on the skin surface. The best time to massage is an early morning; do it within an hour of sleep. The exposure of the skin should be avoided in identifying of its inflammation, fever, difficulty with breathing (rhinitis) or malaise. Massage movements should be light, pleasant, not causing discomfort and pain. Given the vulnerability and high exposure of the skin around the eyes to the injury, the impact should be gentle and mild. 30 seconds of massage should be alternated with 30 seconds of rest and relaxation.

Massage against the swellings under the eyes

The procedure begins with applying a cream or oil to the skin. Use it in sufficient not to damage the sensitive skin and not to provoke the appearance of wrinkles. Progressive movements should be performed from the outer edges to the nose. The area between the eyes and eyebrows should be gently kneaded, tapped with the fingertips. Stimulate the point of the outer corner of the eye with the forefinger, direct to the inner corner at the top, and then, on the bottom line. Repeat 2-3 times without haste. Movement should be the shallow without pressure.

To get rid of swelling it is enough of 1-2 sessions of the day. For women over 40, whose skin is particularly prone to the formation of wrinkles, artless procedure is recommended every day, high-quality effects will be felt after 2-3 weeks.

Cosmetics against the swellings under the eyes

Specialized cosmetics are effective in the fight against under-eye puffiness. Masks, creams and lotions stimulate lymphatic drainage of the eyelids, have a strengthening effect on blood vessels, moisturise and tone the delicate skin, help to normalize blood flow.

When choosing care products, it is important to pay attention to their composition. Hyaluronic acid and caffeine improve microcirculation, moisturize, and relieve swelling.

List of the means recommended for the use

Vichy Idealia is the eye cream with caffeine. This means not only effectively removes the puffiness under the eyes, but also the bruises caused by lack of sleep. Already after a few applications the skin is leveled, the face is clarified, small wrinkles disappear.

Aqualia Thermal is a toning gel. It is designed specifically for application to the skin around the eyes. Dextran sulfate and escin improve lymphatic drainage and micro circular processes, eliminate fine wrinkles. Gel relieves the visual manifestation of swelling in a few hours.

LiftActiv DS carries the cosmetic and therapeutic effect. It is indicated for use by women of 35 years of age. It contains the horse chestnut extract, caffeine, thermal water and vitamin C. After the course of the use of cosmetic products the skin is tightened, the tone returns, excess lymph leaves.

Caring for the skin around the eyes is necessary from a young age. In summer, experts recommend the use of sunglasses to prevent the negative impact of ultraviolet radiation on the most sensitive skin of the eyelids. Eyelids skin care should be attribute of the daily morning toilet starting with 22 years.

Salon procedures in the fight against the swellings

Hardware cosmetology will quickly eliminate serious skin imperfections. The most popular in modern practice are microcurrent therapy and iontophoresis.

Microcurrent therapy involves exposure of the low-frequency weak current pulses to the skin. Rank penetrates into the inner layers of the epidermis, and takes an active phase synthesis of collagen and elastin production processes. Lymph is intensely saturated with oxygen, the metabolic processes are normalized. Swelling quickly disappears as well as bags.

Salon procedures in the fight against the swellings

Iontophoresis imbues the skin with biologically active substances, tones, strengthens blood vessels, increases blood circulation. The procedure is absolutely painless, leaves no residue on the skin, promotes rapid get rid of puffiness.

In order to achieve sustainable qualitative effect it is enough of 4-5 procedures. The cost of cosmetic salons service exceeds the price of the store masks and creams and, especially, of traditional medicine. However, the effect of their use is complex and last for longer.

The solution of the problem of swelling under the eyes can be fast and done in many ways. Each woman will be able to choose the most suitable option. But in order not to provoke the manifestation of the skin defect, it is necessary periodically to inspect the body for internal diseases, not abuse of acute and salty food, sleep and learn to relax.

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