How to hide figure flaws with clothes?

How to hide figure flaws with clothes?

Many women looking at the reflection in the mirror hate their minor flaws. Of course, you should not throw your appearance, but also it is not necessary to criticize yourself so much. After all, every woman and girl are beautiful in her own, it’s just something should be corrected.

How to hide figure flaws with clothes

How to hide figure flaws with clothing

Exemplary proportions are those measurements, which millions of women around the world are trying to stick to, but which are very difficult to adhere to in everyday life. That is why many women are simply trying to hide all the possible shortcomings of their body with the help of clothes and accessories. First of all, characterize problematic areas. Let’s look at our reflection in the mirror and honestly say to ourselves, what defects in the figure you see in yourself; then it will be easier to hide them or completely remove.
Let’s consider options for eliminating some defects through clothing.

Short stature

There are pretty many representatives of fairer sex who are not satisfied with their small stature. Although this disadvantage can be attributed to the dignity, as stunted women seem to be more delicate and fragile in the eyes of men, but in view of the progressive trends, no one pays attention to this.
Anyway, if you want to look taller, do not put a huge necklace, earrings and forget about lush robes. So we should not wear clothes that have strips in the form horizontal lines, the colors should be no more than three. To make your legs visually longer you need to pick up things with a high waist. Socks and shoes should be worn in the same colors of the dress as it visually lengthens the legs.

Tall stature

The girls with tall stature must wear things with vertical lines and small patterns. At the same time you have to combine many colors in the image; you can even employ very bright ones. Pants and skirts must be worn with low waist; this will visually make the legs shorter and make your image light and weightless. You need to use bulky and large accessories.

Small breasts

According to statistics, many representatives of the fairer sex want to visually enlarge the breast size using clothes. If you are among them, then you are in the right place! It is necessary to choose a bra for the volume of your breasts. Wear accessories that allow not focusing attention on a small breast. Note that the wide-shirts and jackets will increase your breast much more than the narrow and tight tops and dresses.

Big breasts

For women with big breasts air shirts and blouses with ruffles at the chest, tops and sundresses on narrow straps are not suitable. Strict classical shirts, preferably not of a bright color, and narrower at the waist, dress with a round neck from conventional materials will look better; they are what you need!


Do not wear things made of light fabrics that make your belly be seen even more. It’s necessary to wear pants and skirts with high waist, preferably of dense material that can support the belly, and thus hide a small defect.

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