How to look feminine wearing trousers?

How to look feminine wearing trousers?

Following Marlene Dietrich example, who during the filming wore trousers for the comfort, women gradually began to introduce this element into their wardrobe. At the beginning of the 20th century, the baton was intercepted by Coco Chanel. By offering practical and comfortable clothes, she freed women from the conventions. Gabriel showed the world that the trousers can be not only comfortable, but also elegant and feminine.

How to look feminine wearing trousers

This item of men’s wardrobe is firmly established in the life of every woman. We cannot imagine how we could do without them. With the help of well-chosen trousers you can emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide flaws. It is only necessary to take into account the individual characteristics and know the basic rules:

• Straight trousers with arrow fit any woman and can be combined with almost any top;
• Lovers of shoes without heels should choose trousers slightly flared from the hip (try not to wear them with the trapezoidal top);
• Tight-fitting to the knee-length and slightly flared to the bottom pants can make you look slimmer (it is better not to wear long blouses or coats with them);
• Avoid pants with a low-fit (they can suit only women with narrow hips);
• Medium and high fit of trousers lengthen the legs (in combination with a wide belt they pull the stomach in addition);
• Pants should not be loose or, conversely, swift too much (ideally, when the fabric slides along the thighs);
• Think your buttocks are not appetizing enough, then choose a model with embroidery, appliqués or patch-pockets in the buttocks;
• Remember that tight-fitting pants are not going out of fashion ever (only curvaceous women must choose pants made of thick ‘stretch’ fabric and to wear the upper part of the ensemble, covering the buttocks);
• Slacks fit every woman and relevant everywhere (in conjunction with a form-fitting top create the perfect ensemble);
• Trousers with low-mounted stepper seam (Afghanis, Zouaves, Saruel) are suitable not only for slim ladies; the holders of lush forms also can wear them.

It is necessary to determine which style fits your figure. Remember that ‘fits’ doesn’t mean ‘you like it’, but rather it means that it hides the flaws, putting the necessary emphasis on the merits.

Always choose the length of the pants properly. Narrowed pants should not be higher than 5 cm from the ankle, straight – up to the middle of the heel. Flared trousers and wide (in shoes) should be not shorter than 1 or 2 cm from the floor.

The most important thing is to choose the exact size of the trousers. Only perfect fitting model will help you look great in any weight and height. Pants should be neither bigger nor smaller. In no case they shouldn’t be over-tightening (you won’t be slimmer due to this). All this can be achieved by using properly selected shoes, matching top and accessories.

During fitting, try to move in the trousers, paying attention to the way they sit on your front and rear. After buying the pants, you want to wear them and look slim and beautiful wearing them, and not to put on the shelf in the closet, don’t you?

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