How to make an interior design yourself?

How to make an interior design yourself?

In most cases, interior design is ordered from professional designing companies. And this is understandable – there is no right for a mistake, and there cannot be. However, it’s quite possible to transform your house or apartment yourself. And the following advice will give you a hind on how to do it.


What’s the first thing to start with?

Of course, it’s a plan. On the largest album or drawing sheet you should represent the plan of every room. When it is ready, you can get down to planning the interior you would like to see in the rooms. Don’t worry and don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Keep in mind that this scheme should and surely will be altered during development process. How to make it easier? Make several planes at once in order to have multiple variants for consideration.

Have no drafting skills? Or even drawing experience? Draw it as you can, in simplified form. You make the plan for yourself and not going to have an exam in architectural university! In this way, you will need to represent the following: width and length of the room, height of the ceiling, zones, separating the room, and furniture location.

To allocate these zones correctly, first of all, you should consider the functional role of the room. If it is a dining room, it should comprise a dining table, in a recreation room there, correspondingly, should be a TV and a sofa, and in a living room – a fireplace and armchairs and so on. After that, gradually add small details to those main pieces of furniture. When doing so, it’s important to keep scale in mind, at least approximately. Even if you don’t know the exact length if a table, anyway, you are quite sure that is smaller than chair. Is it right? In such a simplified form you should represent all the items.


When planning the project, pay attention to the following:

• you shouldn’t too much overload and clutter a room with details, belonging to different;
• when creating a design, you should move forward gradually, realizing clearly the function of every item, included in it;
• when you are watching the plan coming to life, first of all, you should feel comfortable in this drawn room.

Designer board

Collect information and save everything you liked. You can use Internet, magazines containing examples of designer solutions, catalogues – everything that will enable you to create interior design on you own without having much imagination. And since it’s impossible to keep so much information in mind, it is advisable to collect it in a separate folder: scraps in a paper one and electronic materials on a corresponding storage device. This can be any kind of data: a color of walls in interior, ceiling decoration, wall print, uncommon layout and etc. When the information has been accumulated in sufficient quantity, you should reconsider it and choose the most appropriate options.


Of course, all these will require a considerable amount of time and experience. The latter you will get while being saturated with information.

Let’s move on to creating a designer board. This is the same thing as collage. On a piece of Whatman paper, a magnet or a common board you should fix everything, corresponding to your ideas about the perfect interior. Paper pictures can be completed with real pieces of the future design. This can be pieces of wallpapers, touches of paint, remnants of lining or curtain fabric. You will surely get such “alive” elements of interior while creating the plan, when you start selecting furniture and decoration materials. You can find them in every showroom or shop, where small samples are always offered for the clients’ consideration.

The importance of color

You should select the color palette with great care. It should fully comply with your idea about home coziness. Such design element as color is the basic rule for creating comfort: it influences both mood, and environment, and general impression.


You create the design for yourself, therefore, when choosing the color, you should consider solely your own preferences and favors. But it’s important to keep in mind the characteristics of each color and their influence on human psychics. There are shades warm and cold, space broadening and narrowing, calming and waking, encouraging you to create or casting you down. Moreover, by no means can all colors match each other perfectly.

Furthermore, the color scheme of interior design will greatly depend on the preferred style. Therefore, before making the final choice, it’s advisable to find out the typical palette for every stylistic solution. It’s quite simple to define it yourself: you just need to buy from paint and varnish department or download from the Internet a tinting system in form of a fan. It will be of great help when choosing a color.


You should correspond to the following rules of color solutions of the styles:

• Scandinavian, Provence, Mediterranean – white;
• Japanese, European – beige and shades of sand;
• African, ethno, Eastern ethno – bright colors and their combinations.

Color choosing is related to every detail of the interior without any exceptions: starting from decorating materials of the furniture and walls up to small accessories and a picture frame, which are you going to hang in the left corner.

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