How to organize a wedding in vintage style?

How to organize a wedding in vintage style?

Every couple dreams of a memorable and unique wedding. One way to make this day filled with a bright event is an organization of the wedding in vintage style. It is simple to turn the celebration into a real fairy tale; you just need to follow the recommendations provided for this style.

How to organize a wedding in vintage style


Of course, first you need to prepare and send out wedding invitations. It is better to do them by your own hands. To do this, take the old, worn postcards and sign them with beautiful handwriting with flourishes. Make sure the style of the event and the required dress code are described.


If possible, hire an interesting vintage car. There are many organizations that provide such cars. If finances do not allow such a luxury, it is possible to take the available transport.


Banquet hall is decorated with antiques and furniture of old origin. On the tables vases with red flowers will look beautiful. On the walls it’s nice to hung wooden, little shabby, souvenirs. Mirrors and black-and-white photos of the newlyweds will look harmoniously. If there are shelves, put the old books on them. Dim light in the room will make the environment more attractive.

Clothes of the newlyweds

Clothes of the heroes of the occasion should be different from the other guests. In the shops there is a wide selection of exclusive vintage dresses. They are much cheaper than the classic ones. But nothing compares with the dress of past centuries, which can be found in grandmother’s dressing room chest. For brides who can sew well and have an interesting fantasy there is the possibility to create a wedding dress to taste. The color of dress should be a pale white or coffee.

Hair and makeup

They must match the image. To do this, you can visit the special lounges or make it yourself. Jewelry and accessories should have a vintage character. Instead of the usual veil it is better to buy a hat and a small handbag to it. Lace gloves and stockings will look extravagant.
Bridal bouquet should be modest, not attracting much attention.

The groom chooses clothes in the next way: tie, pants and shoes. Hat and shirt can be found in grandfather’s things. If the size does not fit, contact a workshop for hemming of the clothes.
Lovers before preparing for the wedding can view movies and photos of past times, as well as to visit the museum. This will help to make the right choice without mistakes.

A photo

As in the old days, there was no video, only the photographer may be present at the wedding. He must be aware of the vintage style to come up with and prepare the old places for a photo shoot.


Dancing and music of past centuries will make the evening memorable. It is necessary to learn the movements of the waltz, tango and foxtrot. Tape recorder is perfect for playing melodies.
Guests will remember wedding in vintage style for a long time. The feeling of a fairy tale does not leave them until dawn!

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