How to remove a fatigue?

How to remove a fatigue?

If you are constantly working in tension, then you know, not be hearsay, what the fatigue is. Sometimes it can catch you at the most inopportune moment. But what if you want to stay active all day?

How to remove a fatigue

If you are at home, then the best and easiest way to get rid of fatigue is a cold shower for 3-5 minutes, alternating hot and cold water for 30 seconds, and finish the procedure with the cold water. To get the morning charge of cheerfulness and activity, do daily exercises at least half an hour. As a result, your metabolism will improve, and you will feel more cheerful and energetic at least half of the day.

Prevention of fatigue

The main reason is the lack of sleep, so you need to sleep at least seven hours a day – the body needs to have enough time to restore its strength.
Proper nutrition plays an important role in preventing fatigue. The proteins contained in meat, eggs, fish, cheese and nuts will provide you with a surge of energy. The main rule in protein intake – do not overeat. If you ate extra, the result will be opposite: not only fatigue, but also the sleepiness will pursue you. The same effect should be expected from indiscriminate snacking.

If you feel fatigue in the middle of the day, you should try at least for a few minutes to relax, think about something pleasant. If it didn’t help, you can try to drink strong sweet tea, that revitalises and invigorates not the less than the coffee. Citrus is also a good way to get rid of fatigue. You can add a slice of lemon in your tea or mineral water, or you can just eat an orange of tangerine.

The cure for fatigue

Express-remedy against the fatigue is the aromatic oils, the best ones are the same citrus. If you are tired after a hard day, a relaxing bath will help you. A broth of chamomile, oregano or nettles will also be appropriate. Such procedures should last at least 20-25 minutes. You can rinse with cool water after the bath – this will only enhance the invigorating effect.

If you constantly feel tired and have become accustomed to it, you should undergo a medical examination. And if this condition is with you for more than a month, don’t postpone the visit to doctor indefinitely. Perhaps fatigue is the cause of serious damage.

As you know, the signs of fatigue are most felt in the dull and cloudy days, and it’s due to lack of sunlight. So you need to try to fool yourself by adding artificial lighting to this inclement weather.

Try to be surrounded by loving, positive people, because it’s proved that good and bad mood (and the bad mood is the consequence of the fatigue) are contagious. For this reason, you need to avoid dull, evil personalities, that are negatively disposed towards you and the whole world. Look for positive communication, become the the soul of the company and then you will definitely feel a surge of strength and vigor!

And the last, but not the least – live happily, do what you love, be in harmony with the surrounding world and you will forget what the constant fatigue is!

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