How to seduce a man without words: effective postures and gestures

How to seduce a man without words: effective postures and gestures

Do you still think that the initiative when meeting should belong to a man while a woman, as an inviolable fortress, should not show even the slightest interest with her behavior? Be prepared for disappointment! In the era of gender equality, girl with such beliefs risks to be left with nothing at the time, when her more adventurous friends will make the first winning step on the road to happiness. And men are just glad as they are quite tired to be on the first cast. Courageous on the outside, but fragile inside natures also like getting the signs of attention and entice. Tips on how to seduce a man, today are more relevant than ever!


Well-known fact is that in the process of personal communication with the counterparts we get only 20% of the information from the words. The remaining 80% are generated in the subconscious of the facial expressions, gestures and other visual data. The experts in the field of non-verbal communication say, you can attract a man without uttering a single word! And all thanks to the multifaceted sign language. So, here are useful recommendations in the arsenal of ways to the conquest of men’s hearts, or how to seduce a man without words?

Eye contact or See the object? – Fire!

‘Shooting with the eyes’ is mimic common technique that is actively used by the fairer sex on the warpath for attention of the vending male. The formula is simple: ‘the corner – on the floor – in front of you – on a man’. However, few take into account the additional conditions that largely determine the effectiveness of a technique. To ‘shot’ would be effective the girl should be in a sitting position and look at the man from a lower point. Also, on each of the points it is necessary to stay for different periods of time. In order: corner – do not focus the eyes; the glance should be scattered for 2-3 minutes; floor in front of you – this point should be given a second; man – here you need to not just stay but draw a confident gaze line from the heels to the eyes. Establish eye contact and look away slowly.


Skill comes with experience, so before you apply your abilities on the object of desire, it is best to practice on an unknown man, and test the reaction.

Tip: The movement should be smooth, only the eyes may ‘work’, without help of the rest face muscles; no chewing and talking at the time of shooting.

Catbird seat

More than a dozen books are written and hundreds of movies are filmed about the art of seduction with the posture. Basic principles: it is necessary to look relaxed and take an asymmetric position. What does this mean? Concerning the object of increased attention women should not sit or stand strictly full-faced with symmetrically arranged legs and arms.

Sit and turn (optimally at 45 ° C), let down your legs, rest the chin on the hands (back should be flat), etc.


If seduction takes place in an informal setting, for example, at a party or a lunch break, sitting in an arm-chair or on a soft chair you can playfully shake the shoe, but only if the feet are in a tidy condition.

Your winning area is the neck area? Sit on the edge of a chair, slide the knees, lean with the wrists on them and post torso a little forward – this is the best posture to avoid vulgar bust boasting.

Classics of the genre in the art of seduction are unhurried throwing of the foot, tilting locks of hair, stroking the neck with your fingers. Few people know that they will be effective only if they are the natural characteristic of woman. Making them ‘special’ with a natural expressiveness is very difficult. In most cases, it looks comical and causes the opposite effect.

In response to the question – how to seduce an adult man – the main rule is the naturalness and ease.


Some postures and positions of the male body will tell you about his interest. For example, representatives of opposite sexes meet in an office hallway to say a few words each other. Pose, in which a man is, will allow finding out his attitude. The inclination of the head toward the interlocutor, legs spaced wider than normal and thumbs tucked into the waistband of his trousers are a sure sign of sympathy. Hands, hanging along the body, boot socks sent in a direction opposite to the woman show indifference of men.


In an informal atmosphere gestures can acquire a different character.

How to seduce a man without words: effective postures and gestures

If a man is interested, he will seek to establish a tactile touch, to touch as if by chance, for example, shifting her or giving the glass. A woman should be prepared for constant visual attention. The most accurate and straightforward gesture of a man who intends to get the object of attention is when he sits down on a chair or couch, leans the body a little back and puts the hand on the back of the sofa or chair on which she sits.

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