How to teach a child to walk?

How to teach a child to walk?

Children grow, develop, begin to crawl, and all parents are looking forward to the moment when the kids make their first steps and learn to walk. Some of the parents with the hope to help their babies and try to teach them to stamp themselves. Before you begin this important process, it is necessary to understand well, where to start training.

How to teach a child to walk

Preliminary preparation

There are several exercises that are beginning to prepare the child at an early stage.

From the age of three months, it is helpful to lay out the child in the stomach at least 10 minutes a day. This position strengthens the back and neck muscles. It is useful to the baby in the future, when he\she will be learning to walk.

At three or four months, a baby begins to roll slowly. You must help him\her in this; you can use the toys to lure tumbling. These exercises develop good muscles of legs and arms.

Approximately at eight months baby alone rises on feet in crib or playpen. In this period, you should try more to take his\her hands and try to walk. Thus, leg muscles become stronger.

When he\she has learned to stand and move around the room, leaning over different objects, it is good to buy him\her some pushing toy. So, the child will get confidence and will not be afraid.

Getting Training

The first thing you need is to pick up your child the proper shoes. It should be light and rigid, preferably leather model. These shoes give your child the stability and confidence.

The important point is to cover the floor, on which baby will walk. You need to create conditions such that the floor was hard and not very slippery. This can warn children from a variety of falls and, most importantly, from frights. And they can lead to the fact that the baby for a long time won’t start to walk.

What not to do?

During the training period it is not advisable to hold the child’s armpits. These moments can lead to deformation of children’s feet and lower legs, and they are bad for the posture. It is better to maintain the hands or the forearm.

Whatever convenient, such a thing as a walker may seem, still it is better to abandon them. That is the subject which discourages kids’ desire to walking alone. They also lead to the fact that the child gets on the foot wrongly. As a result, he\she begins to move on his\her toes, which is not easy to fix.

You must try not to rush your baby. If he\she crawls for a long time, then he\she is sure to go soon.

So, it is not the right moment yet!

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