How to teach the child to keep things in order?

How to teach the child to keep things in order?

If there is always disorder in your growing child’s room, it shows not only his untidiness, but also that there is time to change the education system. Such kind of inadvertence, that you consider as unimportant, shows the peoples attitude for the personal organization. It also influences on the personality development.

How to teach the child to keep things in order


Small children are often happy to help their mothers. You shouldn’t say that it’s hard for him, or he won’t manage with it. You should stimulate his wish. Babies always tries to copy their parents with the grate interest. You can propose your child to dust or to wast the cap. Each useful thing, can be not only interesting action for the child, but also help you to trust each other.

Everything in its place

You should show the child what the order is and how it’s comfortable and beautiful. It’ll help him to understand why he should clean his room. Everything must be in its place. It can’t hurt to teach your child to put things in theirs place in the form of game. For example, where can be a book? A book “lives” on the shelf. If you repeat such exercises from time to time, later, when your baby become a little bit older, such game will pass through his habit.

Not all at once

Don’t wait for great achievement, the patience will help. To give him a lot of tasks – not a good option. And he can’t understand everything in hurry. At fist let him to dust, and then to help you in the kitchen. It will be the best if the tasks will interchange. The same tasks will make the child to feel tired of them, and he can loose the interest for the cleaning. Principle “from simple to complicated” is the most useful in this case.

The golden mean

Of course, you mustn’t overwork the child. Especially if he doesn’t finish his homework, or feels tired after hard day at school and different trainings. In such case don’t force him to go to the kitchen and wash up. But you should insist on doing the household duties from time to time. When the child grows up, the rules of the cleaning as game won’t work. And to force him to wash up if he has never do it, will be useless.


Every adult knows that the order in the room is the order in the head. You should learn this rule with your child. You’ll have a great difficulties to teach your child to keep the order if he doesn’t have the right day’s routine. Stepped and regular making of different things will pass through his habit for a long time.

Current parent’s mistakes

The first and the worst parent’s mistake is to force child to do something with the help of shout. Often they use threats and bluff. You mustn’t do it in any way. Everything must do on the trust and not on the threats. For example, mother said that she would throw out all son’s toys, if he didn’t put them in the box. Such method force child to become nervous and put him in the stress situation. There won’t be any use of it. In this case a lot of parent look for the positive option. They won’t throw the toys out, they will go and buy him a new one. And after the child did all the tasks they hurry up to go to the shop. This method is the mistake also. Because the child can retract to do anything in the future if he doesn’t have a

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