How to trick your appetite?

How to trick your appetite?

Many people are now overweight. This is facilitated by inadequate and poor diet, sedentary work, impaired metabolism. In order to lose weight, it is not necessarily to dramatically go on a diet, starve, pace yourself with workouts prohibitive. It is sufficient to reduce the intake of calories provided with food. But it must be done correctly to avoid the constant feeling of hunger and discomfort.

How to trick your appetite

In nature, there are products that certainly will not add a few extra kilos to your body, but which can help lose weight. Slowly but surely. And certainly without danger to health. Below the products, the acquisition of which is not a problem for anyone, are listed. Pick what you like more and lose weight for health!

1. The usual soup, cooked without the use of meat and fat. Meatless vegetable soup, due to the low calorie content and a large percentage of water, helps to feel satiety in the stomach.

2. Apples. To kill hunger it is enough to eat 1or 2 apples. They contain pectin and fiber, which quickly saturate the body. Plus, the apple is eaten for a long time, so the sensitivity of the receptors responsible for hunger, manages to drop.

3. Juice. The best of vegetables, but you can take one of fruit. This is quite good nutrition, so it can easily replace a meal. Practically you do not get calories, but the stomach is full. But there is one point. Use only fresh juices; it is best if they made from different products than from only one. Shops juices are not suitable, because they contain harmful ingredients, sweeteners and flavor enhancers.

4. Green tea. This is the most useful product in terms of caloric content, as completely has no calories. It helps to cope with the appetite, supports the normal metabolism in the body, and regulates blood sugar levels. It is recommended to take it without sugar. In a pinch, you can add a spoonful of honey.

5. Cinnamon and ginger. They allow you to lower the blood sugar. It is known that people with high sugar levels differ with irrepressible appetite. Please note that there are no thin people among diabetics. It is enough to add in food a little cinnamon powder or ground ginger to sugar levels would normalize. By the way, this is a wonderful folk remedy for diabetes.

6. Beans. This is the body provider of protein and fiber. Beans slowly moves through the digestive tract, so a person for a long time will not feel hunger. In addition, the beans are responsible for the production of the digestive hormone cholecystokinin, which is responsible for the metabolism and reduces appetite.

7. Greens. Any greens are needed for the body as a supplier of antioxidants, fiber and nutrients to build new cells. Apart from a huge benefit, greens reduce appetite due to the moisture contained therein.

8. Oatmeal. It contains carbohydrates which are digested in the body very slowly. Thanks to them a man is charging a portion of the energy, which is enough until the next meal. Consequently, a person will not want to eat in the next few hours after the oatmeal.

9. Carrot. This is a low-calorie product with a high content of carotene and natural sugars. Quickly reduces appetite, cleanses the intestines, and reduces cholesterol.

10. Cottage cheese. Despite its apparent calorie content, appetite, after taking even a small portion of cheese, will appear not earlier than in 4 hours.

11. Eggs. This is effective energy meal, which is able to charge the body with energy for at least half a day. Consequently, you will want no other products after.

If you follow our advice, then a month later you will be able to congratulate yourselves with the loss of the first extra kilos.

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