How to visually enlarge a small living room?

How to visually enlarge a small living room?

The living rooms plays very important role in each house: it’s a place for family evenings after the hard working day and gathering guests for holidays. If she has small dimensions, it becomes difficult to properly place all necessary furniture in the room, but the main thing is that it’s still possible. Well-organized approach to the design helps to make even small room larger and very cozy. How to use colors in small living room?

How to visually enlarge a small living room

When the room is small, you should pay close attention to color scheme: you can make you room smaller, by making one little mistake.

The best decision for increasing space – using light and pastel tones. Dark colors used in great living rooms make you space like a storage.

Of course, white color is among the best decisions for small living room. Such surfaces make your space limitless and light. White furniture also can be used to increase the space, although it’s not practical: it’s becoming polluted very quickly. But if you really want to have such kind of furniture in your living room, just buy large removable covers, that are so easy to wash.

Don’t neglect cool colors, such as blue or green. They perfectly refresh the rooms and create the feel of comfort. If you use gray, it will be necessary to dilute it with warm tones – to make the room not so dark.

If you like patterns on wallpapers, you should use strips for visual extension of walls. Horizontal strips compensate the narrow space and the vertical make you room taller, accordingly. Small living room doesn’t “like” colorful and tacky wallpapers. Better just use photo wallpapers for one of walls.

The right lighting to increase the space

Whatever colors you choose to design you living room, lighting plays a significant role in generating its image. You need to provide much light for a small room – both natural and artificial. First of all, don’t use tight curtains: the lighter they will be, the more sunlight you get.

Don’t use large chandelier in interior – it will only reduce the space. You can place floor lamps or hanging lamps around the room. If the central chandelier is flat, then you should use spot lighting in the corners or most functional places in the room.

Mirrors and glassy surfaces are also helping to expand the room. For example, you may use glossy stretch ceiling to make you walls visually higher. Even your dining table won’t make you room smaller. Wardrobes with mirrored doors also greatly enhance the space and can hold a lot of things.

The design of a small living room is a very responsible task, and the main issue here is to make the most part of your living space cozy and comfortable for a good time!

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