How to wear a slip dress?

How to wear a slip dress?

Linen style of dress is one of the brightest and most unusual fashion trends in 2016. Luxurious dress in linen style can be seen on the best red carpets of the world, on the most famous stars. But many women are afraid of linen style, because just do not know what to wear such clothes with. How to wear slip dresses to pleasantly amaze others and win the title of the latest fashion trends expert?


Linen style is a combination of sophisticated style with some sexuality and provocation. Of course, the slip dresses suit not every woman. But if you are a fan of bold, colorful and unconventional solutions, a slip dress will be your ideal solution.

For a long time slip dresses considered to be an element of lingerie only. The real fashion “revolution” took place in the early 90s, when the slip unexpectedly moved from the category of lingerie in the category of dress. And today linen style of dress has not lost its popularity. Each year, the world-renowned designers constantly encouraging women with luxury collections in linen style, offering fashionistas huge variety of options to address the question of how to wear slip dresses.

What is the slip dress?

Today slip dress markedly “transformed” and is no longer resembles its “predecessor” from the 90s. The history of this amazing woman’s wardrobe item began in the 20s of the last century. But then a slip was used only as underwear, worn under a dress or a suit.

The slip dress owns its triumphant “fashionable breakthrough” the famous singer Madonna, who became famous for her outrageous antics. One attempt to shock the audience was the outing in the usual night slip. This outfit created a furor, prompting excitement among many fashion designers.

Since that time, luxury dress in linen style began to appear in the collections of the best designers in the world such as CalvinKlein, Dior, Givenchy, SaintLaurent, JustCavalli, MiuMiu, MaxMara, Dolce & Gabbana and many others.


Today, the fashion industry offers a huge variety of women dresses models in lingerie style and methods of how to wear slip dresses, among which every fashionista will be able to choose the perfect option. Designers offer charming ladies wearing the product in the style of lingerie not just for evening out, but also in everyday life. With skillful combination the slip dress can be a great everyday, basic wardrobe item.

Recent models of dresses in the style of lingerie

This season, the most relevant models are the shortened ones, as well as dress length just below the knees. Dresses can be both concise, without decorative elements, and generously decorated with embroidery, fringe, satin ribbons, delicate embroidery, appliqués and unusual prints.

• Trendy variant present in many of the latest collections is the slip dress with the original 3D prints. These dresses are made of light silk or cotton, can have stylish lace or leather inserts.
• The dress in linen style with strict geometrical patterns looks very interesting. At the same time, the bodice and hem are often decorated with elegant lace.
• In addition, the original slip dresses, combined with bright, “psychedelic” prints which are sure to enjoy the bold and daring girls, are at the peak of the popularity. Designers advise women of fashion to combine these dresses with tights of bright colors and open sandals.
• Slip dress with pleating, performed in colorful, saturated colors look very impressive.
• For an evening out it is best to choose a feminine models of expensive fabrics, decorated with lace and elegant embroidery.

The basic rules of linen style of clothing

Despite the huge variety of popular models and variants, many women still lost when questioning how to wear slip dresses right. Stylists advise women of fashion not to restrict clothes in the linen style only by evening activities, and boldly wear slip dresses in everyday life too.


It is worth noting that the refined and somewhat provocative slip dress is not for every woman. That is why, before you begin to create a stylish and bright image, be sure to check out the tips of the leading designers:

 Despite the apparent universality of clothes in the linen style, these dresses-combinations are not recommended to wear women older than 40-45 years.
 Ladies with large, curvaceous forms also should pay attention to the clothes in the other styles. In case, if you still really want to flaunt a trendy dress combination, you can put a beautiful elegant cardigan or jacket on and the dress itself should be free or semilying silhouette.
 Dress in any case should not show through, so you need to pay special attention to the material from which it is made. Transparent products are ideal for a romantic rendezvous in the bedroom, but not for walking on city streets.
 Luxury dress combination with lace or embroidery – this in itself is a unique decoration, so do not particularly zealous with jewelry or jewelry. It is quite enough of a beautiful bracelet, long earrings or pendant exquisite.

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