How to wear a t-shirt?

How to wear a t-shirt?

Certainly there is a plain white t-shirt in the wardrobe of every man. But rarely someone stops to think how such a simple thing can be universal and indispensable for creating a special image. Undoubtedly, a white t-shirt is a very simple garment, it also can be called “basic”. So at first glance, it may seem that such clothing doesn’t keep with current fashion trends. There is nothing special in such a homely and trivial thing. In fact, all its charm is in its unsightliness. The number of images with a white t-shirt is almost unlimited, and in this article I will be talking about how to wear a white t-shirt properly.


It’s impossible to list all the benefits of white t-shirt. For example, it looks perfect on almost any figure. It could update the appearance, emphasize the style and dignity of the silhouette. A white t-shirt acts as a neutral monochrome background for a variety of bright accessories and addons to the wardrobe.

It is important to choose a quality t-shirt, that would perfectly fit all the features of a particular person. The classic model is made of cotton, and there shouldn’t be any graffiti and images on it. In addition to the material and color neckline is also very important. It can be of two types: V-shaped or regular (round). V-neck visually lengthens the neck and minimizes the shoulders. This neckline typically has great appeal to women, while round neck under the throat in most cases fit to the men.

Perfect white t-shirt is a semi-lying silhouette length below the hips. Of course, there are shortened and, on the contrary, elongated styles, but the classic white t-shirt is of a medium length.

White t-shirt in woman’s wardrobe

Women’s white t-shirt is very popular because, it is compatible with almost all types of clothing. It’s a universal thing. It can be combined with jeans and sneakers and a classic jacket and heels.

There are several main images that must be present in a woman’s wardrobe.


Business image. In this way, white t-shirt, rightly, can compete with a white shirt, replacing the already established standards. The main features that characterize this image: elegance, restraint and conciseness. White t-shirt goes well together with the pencil-skirt in black. Black blazer is also great to complement the business image. Dark color pumps will also fit this style. The skirt can be replaced with the classic black pants, but the choice of shoes will change too – perfect black shoes on a small heel. In a business way, it is also important to take care about the accessories. The best choice is a classic handbag, a small scientific clock, a translucent dark tights and earrings, elegantly finishing this image.

Casual look. Going for a walk in park, meeting with friends or shopping, you need to pay special attention to your comfort. T-shirt, combined with blue jeans, is a classic look for every day. Adding to your everyday look versatile accessories, you can create a look, that’s suited not only to the environment but also to the personal mood.

For a more contemporary and relaxed images you can use low boots or Dr. Martens. In other cases, great heels and handbags on a thin strap or a chain will be a good choice. Jeans of grunge fading is also perfect for t-shirt. In warm weather, jeans can be easily replaced with denim shorts. A little hat that is another great addition to your everyday look and it will look good, combined with a white t-shirt and jeans.

Romance. For this occasion it is necessary to emphasize their femininity, first of all. White t-shirt with no decorative elements is suitable for this purpose. Adding to a white t-shirt a bit of light shades and colored prints, you can get an amazing result. The best choice to create a soft romantic image – addition the accessories of pale pink, turquoise or mint colors to white t-shirt and other items of clothing.


The only rule, when selecting components of an image: not to abuse too many colors. There should be no more than three. If you follow this rule, then a white t-shirt is guaranteed to connect all these hues in a single ensemble, which is ideal for a romantic evening with a loved one.

Festive image. For important events in every girl’s life white t-shirt can play almost as important a role as the small black dress. Long floor-length skirt, which is made of soft flowing chiffon, will help to create such an image. The image will look particularly impressive with the pleated skirt. Long skirt will go perfectly with tucked in white shirt and heels. The necklace in front of a white t-shirt and a bag perfectly complement the selected image.

The image of “boho”. Long colored skirts – are an indispensable attribute of the style boho. A motley version of the skirts just requires a calm plain top, so white t-shirt will be an excellent option for lovers of colored skirts. A bag with fringe and long necklaces in tone to the skirt will be good accessories.

White – is an ideal background to dilute any dye, girls shouldn’t be afraid to experiment. The image of rebellious spirit is OK. The whole point of it is that playing with contrasts, you can choose things with completely different colors, just complementing them with a white t-shirt. The result of such “experiments” can surpass all expectations. A denim jumpsuit with a white t-shirt is a great choice. This image will look great both with descended and raised straps of overalls. It is important to note that if loading the image with blazer, you can squeeze even strict in office environment.

Of course, the white t-shirt can be used during sports in gym and while jogging. Comfortable pants and sneakers will be a good addition to t-shirt in this case.

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