How to whiten your teeth?

How to whiten your teeth?

Modern artists, politicians and other media personalities, which can often be seen on television, look just super. And it’s not just toned figure, make-up from renowned stylists and ideally chosen clothes, but in a snow-white smile, which they are happy to show the viewer. And the poor, with envy thinks he cannot afford such white teeth. It is clear that by nature they are rarely white that this is the result of various procedures, frequently asking exorbitant money. However, there are also quite affordable ways to make teeth whitening.

How to whiten your teeth

The reasons for the darkening of the teeth

Why teeth are rarely white by the nature and do not keep their whiteness until the age of maturity? The reasons for the appearance of plaque are numerous. The most common of them is that the enamel is thinning with age. It becomes transparent; and darker layer, dentin, becomes more noticeable.

The second reason for the yellow plaque is sweet tooth. Sugar starts to digest in the mouth, the acid corroding enamel forms, dentine becomes noticeable. Plus the penetration of dark drinks such as tea and coffee in tiny pores in the teeth which form due to the corrosion of the enamel. Smoking will aggravate the situation even more.

Teeth whitening methods

If there is a need for tooth whitening you can use the following methods.

Contact the dental clinic. The skilled professional will do the bleaching procedure using a bleaching gel which includes hydrogen peroxide. Then the gel will be affected with a special lamp to activate it. At the final stage of the fluorine compound is applied to strengthen the enamel.

This method is more durable. Within two weeks, the patient puts on special cases filled with bleach substance on the teeth, and removes them after 2 hours. Cases are made in advance by casts of teeth. Smoking patients have to extend the procedure to a month. Unlike whitening strips, which are also glued to the teeth, cases allow whitening even inaccessible spaces between teeth. The gel can be applied without the help of the dentist with a brush. But it is quickly washed away by saliva and the result will be visible, though after a while, but it is difficult to call it ideal.

The use of whitening toothpastes. The TV ads often show such pastes and promise a stunning effect. With regular use of the mean it actually brings results. Teeth become whiter, their owner is happy. And in a few years the problems begin as a result of destruction of enamel solvents, which are part of the whitening toothpastes.

The use of folk remedies. Of all the ways of teeth whitening this can be considered as the most secure and low-budget. Any village grandmother says you need to chew a sprig of cherry blossoms on a daily basis, and there won’t be plaque. A lemon or its crust was used for teeth rubbing, birch ash was mixed with salt, and usual river sand or soda was used also.

You can try all of the methods mentioned above, but you cannot overdo with whitening. Firstly, the procedure can be carried out not earlier than 16 years. Secondly, it is contraindicated in pregnant women. Third, until dental caries and periodontal disease are cured, it is impossible to whiten teeth. Wearers of the braces have to wait for their removal; otherwise the teeth will be variegated instead of white.

It should also be remembered that the daily hygiene of the oral cavity has not been canceled. Morning and evening brushing of teeth is obligatory. Tea and coffee are better not to drink or to use a straw. It not only will not allow drinks to get on the teeth but also enamel destroyer – sugar – will pass them and get directly into the mouth. That’s all the secrets of the Hollywood smile.

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