Ideal husband. What is he like?

Ideal husband. What is he like?

We live in a time when we have the opportunity to choose future husband by ourselves. Just imagine what it was in the time of imposition of the choice of life partner for the daughter by girl’s parents. You were given the man, so suffer with him all your life. And the divorces were forbidden at that time. It’s good if you’re lucky and he will be kind and gentle. But even that does not help if you do not hold any feelings for the person with whom you live. Love cannot be forced; it is bitter, but it’s true.

Ideal husband. What is he like

What is he – a perfect husband? Every woman has her own priorities of male qualities. In this age of trade and economic relations the financial viability of a future husband is on the first place. If he is not rich and does not own shares of the oil company, that there may come a candidate with the potential to increase the family budget, which will be able to earn money for the family with the help of the mind or the skillful hands.

Here comes another criterion – hardworking. But man, having good physical skills, without thinking head will never earn a lot of money, though he will work himself into the ground. So, a husband with a mind is needed. Such man will never lost and always find a way out of a difficult situation.

There are exceptions such as people engaged in science. Agree that the majority of men in this profession all their life work for a penny, as this area isn’t well developed in our country. Therefore, it is likely that he will try to make a scientific discovery, and you’ll constantly worry about the family budget.

Representatives of other professions, such as the director. This option seems to be a prestigious and promises a comfortable future. Do not forget that these people have a tight schedule, and they are always busy. Get ready for the fact that he will be constantly away from home, and soon forget about your birthday. Let’s take a profession radically opposite – military and police officers. It is possible that such a man is totalitarian in the house and will always control you.

Who is your husband is not the last criterion. It is very important that the man was good at sex. At the beginning of a relationship there is always a passion. Then it may fade away, for various reasons, for example, your husband has realized that you are now his legal wife and there’s no need to struggle for you anymore. He has relaxed, he is interested no more. Such men in their essence are hunters. In this case, you can make him a little jealous with some kind of easy flirting with the bartender. But don’t go too far; otherwise provoke your man to unnecessary actions.

Also the passion fades away because of the problems or experiences at work, at home or in the world. Yes, it happens, not all men are senseless; some may worry about the poor orphans in Nepal. Such interruptions in their sexual lives are mostly temporary; they last until the solution of a given situation. But if the problems are very serious and have a fairly long time, then you need to help your husband, to show sympathy, moral support or to provide real assistance.

What will be your husband like – it’s up to you. But remember that the ideal husband is that who is loved. If you do not feel any warm feelings to the man, he will annoy you in everything, whatever he would do. Men are the same people, so you shouldn’t blame husband because of small misunderstandings. Sometimes you need to go to a compromise, talk and come to a common solution.

Not the fact that if you dump one and find another, the second will be better, sometimes it happens vice versa and then the ladies regret their of choice. Appreciate someone who cares about you and loves you, value such men. You and only you can create that husband which you were dreaming about, just help him. After all, the relationship is the work of two loving hearts, giving a strong family as a result.

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