Interior in modern style

Interior in modern style

The modern style can often be found in the newest beauty salons, SPA-centers, and are monitored in the offices of progressive companies. Speaking about the designing of living space in such way it’s often chosen by the owners of solid houses or just lovers of abstractionist aesthetics. And when the embodied conceived in a reality, then, a simple house or the most ordinary apartment in an ordinary high-rise building immediately becomes an art object and subject of admiration of everyone.



Interior in modern style – what it is and how should it be? First, the simplest way to define the concept by its name: “modern” means – that’s now, just today. But at the same time – it’s the absolute opposite of the traditional style. There is no place for unnecessary details, confusing forms and decorative curves.

Everything should be simple and clear. Line should be straight, shape – right, and the accessories and the decor should be as less as possible.

In general, modern style is a collective term and it has a lot of branches. They are: decor, loft, vintage, hi-tech, kitsch and shabby chic. Take a look, in fact, each of these currents tends to simplicity, maximum functionality and ergonomics. All of them are the contemporary style base in which each thing is in its proper place, and performs the optimal number of tasks.

It is quite simple to correctly design the interior in modern style. And the main law here – less! And it applies to absolutely everything. Think how to beat the surface? Choose the easiest option – it should be smooth, without any reliefs and other bumps. What to do with the walls? Leave them alone! No art galleries and a myriad of family photos. Curtains? Plain fabric without patterns!

Without them even better! Little things, that normally just collect dust, should not be on the shelves.

Looking at all this, it may seem, that the modern style is unsuitable for life, because there is no comfort and coziness, that usually crowded interior of a classic with. But it is not! When the design of the room will be held following all rules and laws of modern design, the picture will become more than fascinating. Incidentally, the word “law” here is not quite appropriate. Design modern is a set of certain characteristics, but in general it’s deprived of the strict standards and system design is flexible enough.

Everything should be straight…

… planes, angles and lines. You should take into account absolutely everything: from the architecture to small details. Modern style should be strict. But using of multiple curves and other geometric shapes is allowed. But at the same time, they are obliged to be just the right shapes.

Decorating the interior of your apartment in modern style, you should forget about any waves and curls. There is no place for this tinsel in here. The secret is in the rigor and minimalism.

The same situation is with the furniture. Modern interior design involves the use of pieces of furniture with the perfect shapes and right lines. There’s no room for draperies and adorable wrinkles. Everything is on the mind, open, clear, maximally functional with a minimalist silhouette. Furniture-transformer and various constructor is better suited for our design. Such items do not only meet the requirements, but also allow you to add space, which will be discussed below.

Color and light

Like the rest, monochrome is welcomed here. The palette of the modern style includes such colors, as black and white, you can also use gray and any shade of beige. The correct tone will allow you to select all the shapes and lines and concentrate on them.

But here you can make a small digression, using a complex color scheme. However, it can be tolerated in small quantities, for example, one wall, a bright carpet or a piece of furniture. By the way, if it is a sofa or chair, it is better to use with elegant stems. What color can be used to create a bright stroke? An! You can even create it yourself by mixing different shades. Let the focal point to be blue-gray, silvery purple, and even gray-brown-crimson. Be creative! This emphasis will cool and refresh the interior and become its highlight.


Do not forget about the light. There can be a lot of them. Chandeliers, sconces, lamps, everything. In one room you can use any number of light sources. And below it, you can use the wall, or rather, the lack thereof. The modern style is one big space, divided into zones with the aid of light. In one room there may be a relaxation area, and a separate chandelier above it, dining room – chandelier, kitchen – chandelier… Say “no” to walls and “yes” to open plan.

And to make the interior really modern, it is desirable to add a bit of sparkle. Some items may be made of metal, varnished surfaces, plastic or glass. Such elements can be present both individually and to be a part of the composition. For example, you decided to make one of the walls a bright spot in the interior; here it is possible to add a glossy shine. Or add some highlights with contemporary metal furniture for the kitchen: let the legs of chairs will be like that, and a table with glass top is in the center. You can combine both, the materials and their reflective ability.

But it shouldn’t be too much of gloss. It’s OK, when matter parts are viewed through the gloss.


The modern style involves the presence of free space. And here we are already moving away from minimalism, as there must be much space and air. If the living space does not allow to feel it, add it artificially: get rid of the curtains. Thus, what was previously outside the window becomes part of the room. For these reasons, the windows often play a key role in creating a modern interior.

Windows in the wall are particularly chic. They correctly let the most daylight into the room. The impression is that they are absolutely naked, as there is nothing: no curtains, no net curtains or rolling blinds. But in fact, this is what you need.

On the other hand with such windows, you find yourself in front of everyone. And if this prospect does not suit you, there may be several solutions. It’s allowed to apply the outer coating for glass or install impermeable panel textiles inside the windows . You can also use a mesh screen or narrow blinds. But remember that the decoration should be minimal.

Massive furniture, huge size painting on the wall, a large mirror, and others help in the expansion and increasing of space. Modern interior always makes feel like a dwarf.

But it is important not to overdo it. If the house and the apartment have a fairly large area, but too austere interior in a modern design can transform a dwelling into an empty gallery or museum of large single items. You should always take into account the space and to use it according to square. If there is a lot of space, you can use the group by placement for furniture or divide the room into zones and hang lights to each, as has been discussed above. So you can visually lower the ceiling and create a more intimate atmosphere.


A floor without a soft covering remains in the priority. It can be decorated with tile, granite, wood, natural or artificial stone and even mere cement coating. In short, it’s allowed to design with any rigid and smooth material. Worth noting, there are the most appropriate tones, when choosing a tree: it can be a light ash or maple or dark wenge.

As for the carpet, there is a need to adhere to the following principle: short pile –Yes, eastern ornament – no! It is possible to use a plain carpeted or with a simple geometric pattern. Allowed the use of several different shades, which are tiled . But remember about a very short pile.


There is the same thing with walls as with the floor – nothing extra. The decoration is simple and minimal. Coating is plain, without embossed patterns, etc. Walls should be decorated only slightly. And forget about pictures, moldings, and lovely painted plates. You can hang a picture, but preferably a big one, or more paintings, but only within reasonable limits and positioning in the room should be symmetrical.

The design of the picture itself is also important. Lush frame are excluded – it can be modest plain baguette, the color of which will correspond to the execution of the picture itself. However, in this case there is one “but”. You should choose between an art object and another striking touch. Do you remember the glossy wall and colorful sofa? So, modern interior allows the use of only one element: either you hang a picture, put a sculpture with flowing shapes, you can even a photo, but only in black and white, or focus attention on one of the previously described focal points.

Decor and accessories

They are quite valid, but with one condition – the severity of forms. What do we need to achieve in creating the interior in a modern style? Geometric harmony without unnecessary details that is able to completely spoil the whole picture. Instead of flowers on the windows, it is desirable to choose the composition of brushwood and dry twigs in large floor vases. If we talk about accessories, they should not be of big and small size. It’s preferable to pick up one large item of a simple form, and if there will be a few, arrange them to be strictly symmetrical.

Remove colorful trinkets from the shelves and replace them with any object of modern art. Actually there is a huge choice: from sculpture to graphics, from the porcelain to the simple glass objects. The latter can be even in color, but it is necessary to observe cleanliness of symmetry in their arrangement. In this case, quite modern style allows items that are part of any collection. You don’t have to hide in a box all the things, that you love so much, you just put your collectible valuables in strict order.


Do not forget about the overall picture of the room which often depends on the usual things. For example, books on the shelves. There is often not enough space for them, and they still remain at its usual place – on the shelves or on the open shelves of the cabinets. In the meantime, their roots are full of different colors, completely breaking the entire concept of the interior in a modern style. You can do quite simply – to flip the book roots inside, and idyllic style will be completely preserved.

In fact, if you break it down, it appears that modern style gives freedom of action. In the interior you can use combinations of materials, colors and use accessories. Shine, gloss, glass and porcelain are allowed, and matte finish at the same time is not rejected.

And the secret of the brilliant design in contemporary style lies behind the emphasis of lines and forms. It’s its energy, foundation, skeleton. The interior is in favor of open space, air, freedom and natural light. There is no place for chaos and tastelessness. Each element has its own value, every accessory is in its place. And for all its restraint, reticence and monochrome, interior, designed in modern style, is gaining popularity every year. Try it! You will love it!

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