Interior Phytodesign. Peculiarities

Interior Phytodesign. Peculiarities

The modern design art includes the special movement, phytodesign. This type didn’t appear out of a clear blue sky but its appearance was long ago in demand. The hours-long stay in monotonous urban space surrounded by plastic, glass and steelworks saps physical and psychic health. The craft of phytodesign aims at finding some optimal solutions for space decoration with flower arrangements.

Interior Phytodesign. Peculiarities

The goals set by a designer while decorating a house or a flat center around aesthetics and ecology. It’s not enough just to place the flowers in a beautiful way. You must select those plants which improve oxygen respiration in a room. Don’t lumber the whole flat with flowers. It’s better to choose several species of plant.

Houseplants’ colours mustn’t contrast with the interior colour. They must group splendidly in style and tone in the curtains and furniture.

Now we almost don’t use the windowsill as a place for pot plants. A plant itself feels the discomfort because of heating system working in winter. Furthermore, there’s not enough natural light in a room, and especially the climbing species of plant suffer from it. It’s impossible to create appropriate conditions for their development and growth.

A designer can suggest in which part of flat you should place floor plants in big pots and where it’s better to construct the wall cabinet for flowers. The miniature bonsai trees feel well on props or stands. Flowering plants are set on shelves.

If there are some niches in a room, try to place a group of flowers there but you should take into account that then the flowers need more light.

You can also buy some colourful wall cache pots, special plastic frames, small grill work and shaped stands for flowers. You should also buy and think over certain collection of pots for each room. For living-room the pots can be ceramic, for nursery – plastic, for bedroom and kitchen – glass.

The colour of wallpaper must be lighter than the flowers’ colour. If this recommendation isn’t taken into account, a plant will be invisible and plain, and the harmony effect won’t be achieved.

To make a right choice is the main aspect in phytodesign.

1. In bedroom it’s better to keep plants which are able to defeat bacteria and purify air.
2. Don’t place plants which can cause an allergic reaction in nursery.
3. For big living-room try to choose the palm tree or the fern.

If you choose the right form, colour and type of vegetation, you will create the pleasant aesthetic phyto-arrangements. It’ll improve the flat’s atmosphere and make the life environment more comfortable.

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