Is it often that sex at work leads to marriage?

Is it often that sex at work leads to marriage?

Most of the time we spend at work. The lack of romantic and the excessive busyness often pushes people to office romances. Such relations are rarely end in marriage, although there are exceptions. This kind of affair, usually develop after corporate and during joint business trips.

Is it often that sex at work leads to marriage

The reasons that trigger office romances
People are constantly together, engaged in a common cause. This makes them closer. Sooner or later, someone from the staff begins to perceive the other person as a sexual object. Someone has a sympathy, after which there is a desire to turn business communication in a more informal direction.

Women love to flirt. So they are happy to take lighter advances from male co-workers. Sometimes they are looking for benefit for themselves in this. For example, the union of director and secretary is a classic of the genre. Some girls dream to have an affair with the boss, thinking that this will be followed by a promotion, salary increases and other benefits. However, in reality everything is not so. After some time the boss bothers his mistress, he expels her from work, and the vacant seat is taken by the next contender.

Often family people start office romances for a change. And more often they perceive such relationships as casual sex and nothing more. Sometimes sympathy among colleagues may arise because of boredom or stress. This phenomenon is very common in show business. This is the place where such couples as producer and singer, photographer and model are common thing. Tourism business employees, top managers, and marketers are also not averse to start a similar affair in the workplace. According to statistics, these areas are the place of birth of intimate relationships between 50% of employees.

How dangerous the office romance is?
Distracted by sex, lovers cease to pay required attention to the work. Employability is deteriorating and all attention switches to the partner. The whole team is watching the developments. This creates unnecessary gossip. If superior and subordinate are dating, in this case it may be jealousy and bias towards the employee. Her success at work will be perceived with irony and professional competence will be called into question.

Chief’s mistress begins to look down on others, considering that now she takes more significant position. Careless attitude to work, strife, unhealthy relationships in the team this is the result of office romances. After parting lovers, new problems arise. Not everyone is ready to see his or her former lover, with who, for whatever reason, relationships failed. This creates tension and negativity. It often happens that after the braking up, people have to find a new job, as a further co-existence in a team is simply impossible.

Despite all the difficulties, every fifth office romance ends up with a marriage. Almost 40% of employees admitted that these relations were in their lives. 20% of respondents approve of such relationships, and believe that the work is the best place to look for the second half. 30% of respondents, who experienced all the hardships of office romances, refer to this extremely negative.
If sex at work had led to marriage

Despite all the disadvantages of such relationships, there are cases when office romances end up with marriage. Everything seemed to be fine, but there’s another problem. People are starting to get tired of each other. After all, we need to relax even from a loved one. Moreover, if work problems are transferred into the family life, this has a negative effect on the atmosphere in the house. In this case it is better to start making money in different places, in order to preserve peace and harmony in the family.

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