Is there any benefit from eating chocolate?

Is there any benefit from eating chocolate?

People have noticed long ago – all the tasty products for some reasons should necessarily be bad for your health! But, perhaps, this rule still has any pleasant exceptions? For example, chocolate! A delicious dainty, especially popular with the fair sex! Is there any benefit in it or just harm alone? Let’s investigate the matter …

Is there any benefit from eating chocolate

Well, there is good news! It turns out that chocolate contains flavonoids – plant-extracted compounds, which are highly beneficial for our vessels – that is, clean them, remove cholesterol plaques and make them elastic. Moreover – chocolate lowers blood pressure. The sheer benefit for our cardiovascular system!

Furthermore, influenced by tryptophan and phenylethylamine , which are contained in chocolate as well, our body produces so-called “feel-good chemicals” – serotonin and endorphin. This improves your mood and overall body tone. In general, chocolate – is a kind of an antidepressant as well!

But that’s not all! Do you remember the advice to eat a piece of chocolate before an exam? It’s not just one of superstitious beliefs; the fact is that chocolate stimulates brain activity!

Japanese scientists have noticed another benefit of this sweet delicacy. It turns out that if you eat chocolate during the flu season – the probability of falling ill will be lower! That is, chocolate improves immunity as well. And if you are already sick and coughing all the time – grate a third of a chocolate bar into a glass of milk and stir. An excellent emollient and expectorant is ready!

The things are too good to be true … And where is the catch? Well, firstly, all the above mentioned refers only to dark chocolate – because in this chocolate the content of beneficial cocoa beans is especially high. Secondly, chocolate should be of high quality and free of extraneous additives – preservatives and flavorings. The ingredients should include, in the first place, cocoa mass, then sugar and, finally, cocoa butter. That’s it! The rest – are unnecessary! By the way, if chocolate includes cocoa powder instead of cocoa mass, it cannot be considered high-quality – for cocoa powder is made of cocoa cake. As for cocoa butter, there is no way it can be substituted by vegetable fats. By the way, nowadays they often add unhealthy palm oil to chocolate. Usually this chocolate is suspiciously cheap. Needless to say that you cannot expect any benefit from it.

But even if your chocolate is as beneficial as possible, you should eat it a bit at a time. After all, it’s a very high-calorie product, which at the same time build up a tolerance and a kind of addiction.

In general, buy high-quality dark chocolate, eat it little by little every day and be healthy!

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