Jamaica: a relaxing vacation under the whisper of the waves

Jamaica: a relaxing vacation under the whisper of the waves

Jamaica is an amazing island in the Caribbean, where each person will be able to take a break from the problems and enjoy the tranquility, serenity and beauty of this region. In your memoirs, after traveling the golden color of the sand, the rustle of the palm trees and the sound slowly attracted waves will remain for a long time. What else do you need for happiness?

Jamaica a relaxing vacation under the whisper of the waves

Not only tourists but also local residents, who are accustomed to the exotic landscapes and heat, do not get tired to enjoy life, dancing, even during work. It seems that bad mood does not exist or that it is left somewhere, overseas.

Relax in reggae style

Almost everywhere on the island the reggae music sounds, which has become the hallmark of Jamaica. It’s hard not to feel the rhythm, do not love it, because it has absorbed all the joy and fun of these places. Coming here for a couple of days is not worth it, because acclimatization takes a lot of time and you just do not have time to fully relax. The flight from Europe is long, so it is best to buy a tour for 10 to14 days to have time not only to try everything offered on the island of entertainment, but also to fully relax and forget about all your problems.


Tourist flow in recent years is only increasing, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that the comfortable hotels began to appear on the island. For visitors who came for impressions it will be enough to live in a hotel of three stars, where there is everything you need. Those who appreciate first of all exclusive and convenience, should use the services of the luxury five-star hotels, where there is an opportunity to book a room with a butler, fulfilling all guest requests day and night.

Almost all the hotels are working on beloved by many an ‘all inclusive’ system, that is, no additional costs will be required. The menu always includes local cuisine, unique seafood, fresh juices, alcohol and more.

Active rest

Not only hotels in Jamaica are noteworthy. Fans of outdoor activities will be able to learn scuba diving, surfing and water skiing. If desired, guests are invited to rent a yacht – a great thing for boating in good company.

Entertainment is not only on the coast. Tourists should go in the national park, where they are waited by an unusual attraction – climb up the waterfall. It is unlikely that somewhere there is something like this even in the whole world.

Jamaican wedding

In recent years, Jamaica has become a favorite venue for wedding ceremonies, because it’s so romantic to exchange love vows on the shores of the azure sea. It is quite simple to organize a celebration here: offices preparing weddings are scattered throughout the island.

Before the feast the couple will be invited to take advantage of spa services at the luxurious beaches, massages on the tables set right in the water. On the day of the ceremony gazebo on the shore will be decorated with flowers, and then a gala dinner will be prepared. This day will surely be remembered for a lifetime!

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