Japanese manicure: features of performance

Japanese manicure: features of performance

All women want to see their hands cared and nails healthy. One of the most popular ways of caring of nails on the hands is a Japanese manicure.

Japanese manicure features of performance

What is it?

Japanese manicure is a procedure aimed at the recovering and treatment of damaged, layering, thin and weak nails. Its main feature is the use of only natural products. The work is carried out with both the nails, and with the hands, causing the skin gets the necessary hydration and nutrition. This manicure does not provide the decorating of the nail, so it is recommended for both women and men.

Stages of Japanese manicure

This procedure is performed successively, in several steps:

1. Inspection. It is necessary to carefully examine the hands and nails in order to identify problems and determine what manicure tools should be used in this case.
2. Cleanse. You need to prepare bath which softens the skin and nails, then treat hand with scrubs and apply degreaser based on rice milk and protein on the nails.
3. Moisturize. The nails must be covered with a moisturizing serum based on cucumber extract.
4. Nutrition. In this phase, the nails are again applied with the serum, but with the other one – with the addition of pearl powder, calcium and keratin; it strengthens the nail plate.
5. Cuticle and nail treatment. You need to apply a mean based on algae on the cuticle and to remove it using an orange stick. Then nails should be covered with a mineral paste and processed with the grinding stone; as a result, they will gain shine and smoothness.
6. Massage of hands is the important stage of the Japanese manicure. It is made with silk bags, which contain essential oils, special herbs and mineral salts.
7. The final stage is the application of moisturizer on your hands with oil of rose or jasmine.

The main advantages of the Japanese manicure

1. It is suitable for all: women of any age, pregnant and nursing, as well as men.
2. Japanese manicure is designed to restore the health of damaged and weak nails, making them shining. After the procedure, the nails look great; they grow faster and become stronger.
3. All the means used are made of natural raw materials: oil of rose and ylang-ylang, rice milk, jasmine and cucumber extract, beeswax, mineral salts, herbs, vitamins A and the E, seaweed and pearl particles from the Japanese Sea coast.
4. Manicure has a rejuvenating effect on your hands. Skin color is leveled; its elasticity and regenerative capacity improve.
5. In the Japanese manicure the process of its creation is important. At this time a person gets a real rest, feeling the unity with nature, he finds harmony with the environment and peace in his soul. The procedure is similar to the ritual of admiring cherry blossoms in Japan.

Japanese manicure at home

This procedure is carried out in an hour and a half, the price at the beauty salon is pretty high and the effect is seen within three weeks. And the result is worth it! Is it possible to save money and make a manicure at home? The answer is clear – yes, it is! Specialty stores sell kits for Japanese manicure – the price is affordable. Of course, masters work in the salons; therefore, high-quality care of nails on Japanese technology will be performed only there. However, acquiring skills and experience, you can master this technique to perfection it by yourself.
Japanese manicure provides not only the health and beauty of hands and nails, but also brings a real pleasure and enjoyment of the procedure!

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