Jogging as fun

Jogging as fun

A person, living in a modern city, suffers from the lack of movement. It produces intensely negative impact on health: cardiovascular system, metabolism, locomotor system and other body systems suffer a lot. To all these harmful effects, an unhealthy diet, heavy stress, excess of medicines and many other negative factors are added. A simple way to eliminate most of this unhealthy influence is common jogging.

Jogging as fun

But why is it so hard to make yourself start doing it? Because we follow the example of professional athletes or movie heroes, the Internet, but everyone has his own level of training. We think that we should cover long distances from the very beginning and do it at a quick pace, otherwise our training will have no results. But think of a person who goes in for wrestling or football since childhood. For him, a 10 km run is a common thing, but for a beginner this load is lying beyond the bounds. Such a professional has gotten used to these exercises. His body has adapted and sees it as a natural activity.

What should be done to make the body of a beginner accustom to a new activity equally easily? Jogging must become fun! In order to achieve this, you shouldn’t produce any miracles, because jogging – is really fun. However, when starting exercising, we make severe mistakes, which kill all its beneficial aspects. The process of running itself restores the natural processes in the cardiovascular system. It starts to operate effectively, to enrich our brain and other organs with oxygen and other useful elements. Metabolism starts to function normally and secretion of hormones grows many times, which greatly improves the human health. Moreover, improved blood circulation enables to derive harmful substances and excess water from the cells and lose weight.

To make jogging a regular, pleasant, long-term habit, you should get used to it gradually. First of all, you should start with a very short distances. For some people it may be just 0.5-1 km, for someone – a little more. The main thing is that you should still want to go on running after you’ve covered the distance. Speed also shouldn’t be too high. Run in such a way that doesn’t make your body strained. Breathe normally. Legs and arms should move freely. Choose your favorite music to play in your headphones.

Jogging time shouldn’t necessarily start in the morning. Between the time when you woke up and the jogging time it should be at least 1-1.5 hours, otherwise your body will be hurt. Therefore, you can easily run in the afternoon or in the evening after work. After a workout, be sure to relax and don’t start new activities. This way, you won’t just notice that jogging a few times a week will become natural and simply essential for your wellbeing. Gradually, distance, jogging speed and your endurance will start growing without being noticed. This will produce an effect on the inner health and your appearance. You will lose excess body fat, strengthen the muscles, your skin will become more elastic and so on.

Enjoy jogging and it will return your love!

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