Journey. Ireland: the charm from the inside!

Journey. Ireland: the charm from the inside!

Ireland is one of the most interesting European countries that capture the imagination with its originality and the ancient mysteries unexplored until the end. This state applies to northern

Journey. Ireland the charm from the inside

European republics, and is a member of one of the cleanest areas of the entire European continent.

Ireland, the island state, occupies about seventy thousand square kilometers and has only one state border in the north – with the Kingdom of Great Britain. The island of the state is the third largest in Europe and is a part of the British archipelago.

The area of Ireland is not mountainous; the largest peak is only a kilometer height (Carrauntoohil Mount). Vast plains and lowlands are ideal for grazing beef and dairy cattle, for industrial cattle and organization of various tours with trekking.

Irish climate is softened by the warmest flow throughout the Atlantic, Gulf Stream, making winters mild and not frosty and summers are mild enough in the heat. The warmest month of this period is July, during which the temperature does not rise above 25 degrees Celsius.

Ireland is a full member of the Council of Europe and the United Nations Organization. State capital is Dublin – a city with more than a half million inhabitants, most of which are the indigenous

Irish, leading their ancestry from ancient Celtic times.

Monuments of ancient architecture

The most popular attractions of Republic of Ireland are numerous traces of ancient architecture and medieval fortifications in the form of castles. So, the most visited places are:

* Dublin Castle (the place for the government of the republic during its meetings; despite this, most of the time the object is opened for free visiting of the tourists);
* Cahir Castle (construction was built in the twelfth century and perfectly preserved to this day);
* St. Patrick’s Cathedral (church, built in honor of one of the most important saints of Ireland, is the clearest example of medieval Gothic architecture, with its spiers pointing to heaven);
* Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin (has a function of the main place of worship of the Catholic Church in Ireland and was built even before the Middle Ages – in 1031);
* Castle Rock of Cashel (construction was built in the fourth century and is remarkable by the fact that for a long time was the housing of Saint Patrick, who uttered his famous sermon here);
* Religious place Newgrange (estimated time of its construction by the Celts is the third millennium BC, there are still heated debates about the purpose of this place; it could be a burial place of the local rulers, and the observatory).

And that’s only some of the attractions that make the Ireland so unique and amazing place on the planet.

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