Kitchen wonder-appliance. Blender

Kitchen wonder-appliance. Blender

Blender is a versatile kitchen appliance that can grind the food, whip cocktails, grate vegetables and fruits. Such device is a dream of any housewife, who knows how to cook well and spends a lot of hours in the kitchen. Why blender, rather than its closest relatives – a food processor or mixer? What are their similarities and fundamental differences?

Kitchen wonder-appliance. Blender

Blender, mixer or processor?

Multi-functional food processor is used in the rare cases when prepare vegetables for the winter or wait for a large group of guests. This unit is not very easy to assemble, disassemble, wash and dry. Even the most compact processor occupies a lot of space in the kitchen. Little-mixer, on the other hand, can be easily assembled (disassembled), does not require special care. It is used for whipping or mixing liquid and semi-liquid products.

Blender is simple to use, compact; it can be cleaned for a few seconds. It should be noted that the device is for a small amount of products. There are fewer functions in the blender than in the processor. For example, the appliance won’t knead the thick dough and will not chop vegetables for a salad, but it can be used to cook the sauce and mashed potatoes, to crush nuts and herbs, whisk whites and cocktails. The compact powerful blender with nozzles will completely replace a food processor and mixer in a small kitchen.

Choosing a blender

The modern market offers buyers a variety of models of domestic crushers. Their power range is quite wide, from 200Wt to 1,000Wt. Low-power blenders can bring to a homogeneous state only soft fruits and vegetables. With their help you may whisk cocktails, prepare soups and sauces. Models with a powerful electric drive can chop the ice and grind very hard products. According to the method of work blenders are divided into:

• Stationary;
• Immersion;
• Combined.

Stationary model

Stationary blender is a robust design with a bowl or glass. The device is intended for whipping cocktails and sauces, mixing the batter, cooking cream and puree. Food is placed in a special container which is closed with a lid. Button on a motorized device activates unit knives. Just a few seconds, and the dish is ready.

Immersion model

Immersion blender is a kind of handle with knives located at the bottom of the device. Why is it comfortable? This device is versatile; it turns on by pushing of a button. It can be placed in any container: pot, bowl, pitcher, a large cup. In addition, the unit is easily and quickly cleaned. For grinding and mixing of hot products more suitable such products, the body of which is made of metal. As a rule, immersion devices are supplied with measuring cup and the mounting device.

Combined models

Blender combines all the functions of the immersion and stationary models. Equipped with special knives, powerful ‘mini-processor’ can grind, mix, whip liquid and solid products, and crush the ice. Normal household combined design consists of an immersion blender, additional nozzles and blades, whisk for whipping, a container with a lid. Blender can be held in hands, and you can use a special closing bowl to prevent splashing of batter, sauce or cocktail.

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