Las Vegas – Under 21 Free Zone?

Las Vegas – Under 21 Free Zone?

You know what it’s like. You spend your life raising your family, battling through the European holidays, Disney Land, Disney World and the like. Wherever you go, children are everywhere! Eventually though, your little treasures grown up, move out, and start earning their own money. Before you know it you are free, looking for an adventure of your own. So where is the first place you look?

Las Vegas - Under 21 Free Zone?

Las Vegas of course! You book your flights, you hotel, and look forward to spending a holiday with like-minded adults. But alas – upon arrival you look around and see what you didn’t think you would. Children! Some older than others, but all under 21 – the legal age to actually be able to enjoy Las Vegas as it should be enjoyed! This brings the question which everyone should be asking themselves: Why bring them to Las Vegas? Sin City is named as the adult playground – so why are the under 21’s allowed to be here?!

There was a time, many years ago, that Las Vegas actually catered for children! The old Treasure Island hotel had “children allowed” areas where the little darlings could go and entertain themselves on video game machines, and typical fairground games. Circus Circus Hotel still has all of this available to youngsters – but is it right?

In Las Vegas, there are strict rules which do not allow under 21’s in the gambling areas. Loiter a little too long, and the security will be on you like a shot asking you to move along. And as the majority of hotels contain a casino, this does not give a lot of options for them.

Statistics show that out of all the visitors to Las Vegas is 2013, 10% were under 21. This means that out of the 39,668,221 visitors in 2013, just under 4 million were let loose on the Las Vegas Strip.

Why Travel To Las Vegas If You Are Under Age?

There are many things to do in Las Vegas which does not require you to be over 21. The unique attraction of Las Vegas is the amount of different activities and entertainment on offer to all ages. With a Theme Park in Circus Circus and Thrill Rides on top of The Stratosphere, to big named artists and entertainers in most of the Hotels around the Las Vegas Strip. On top of this, Las Vegas lays on free entertainment for all visitors to enjoy.

From the volcano eruption at The Mirage, to the big screen running the length of Fremont Street in Downtown. These cater for all ages, and with the average staying time of 3.3 nights, there is enough to keep an under 21 occupied without ever having to worry about your age.

There is also plenty to occupy you away from Las Vegas. With Hoover Damn and the Grand Canyon, you could enjoy a trip to Las Vegas without ever having to venture in to a casino if you didn’t want to!

But why go on a holiday where you can encounter limitations in places you can go?

It can be fun bringing your family containing under 21’s with you, but what happens when you want a flutter on the machines? A drink in the bar? With an under 21 accompanying you, this may be a luxury you will not be able to enjoy. Depending on the age, you may find that you don’t want your child / teenager to be left alone to explore.

This limits yourself as an adult on the things you really need to experience in Las Vegas. Although a lot of people don’t gamble, the lure of the machines will eventually give you the urge for a little flutter – but with an under 21, you will not be able to give in to this, and could leave you longing you had travelled alone.

Let us keep Las Vegas as the adult playground, and keep the under 21’s away. At the end of the day – where else can us adults go without a screaming child or troublesome teenager around every corner?! Let’s keep Disney for the children, and give the adults Las Vegas back!

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