Latin American Dance: features

Latin American Dance: features

The group of Latin American dances include direction, originated in Cuba and Latin America. Dance art in these countries started in the XIIth century and in Europe and the Soviet Union came much later, only in the 80-ies of the XXth century.

Latin American Dance features

The peculiarity of Latin dance is ‘chemistry’ between the partners. To transmit the real passion, emotions must be genuine, motion have to be clear and sharpened to perfection. The dance, which we see as a result, is the output of daily training and genuine passion between the dancers.

Classical Latin dances

The group includes five varieties, each of which is included in the program of the championship World Dance Sport Federation:

1. Samba is explicit and emotional dance, which came to us from Brazil. Movements are rhythmic and clear. To convey the rhythm of music, typical twitching with hips is used.
2. Rumba. Dance of love and fidelity. It requires not only technical skills but also the ability to feel the partner. Rumba is not as rhythmic as the samba, but more sensual and sexy. Body movements are smooth and deep, they are designed to cause passion and desire.
3. Cha-cha-cha. Saucy and uninhibited dance created to seduce and flirt. The main role here belongs to woman partner. In Latin America, the cha-cha-cha dance is jokingly called dance of coquette.
4. Jive. Distinguishes with its energy. Jive is not easy to dance, it is characterized by jumps and climbs, so requires physical fit.
5. Paso Doble. The dance came through the Spanish bullfight, which inspired the dancers and choreographers. If the cha-cha-cha dance is considered feminine, the man partner is the main in Paso

Doble. It is a brave, proud and courageous dance where the woman dancer has only a small part.

Club Latin American dances

They will help to be liberated, to learn how to improvise, to feel the music and express emotion.

The most popular types of Latin club dances are:
1. Salsa. The name of the dance translates as sauce that accurately conveys its essence. It mixes African and Cuban motifs, ballroom steps and acrobatics.
2. Bachata. Dramatic dance, full of emotions and experiences. It was born in the poor neighborhoods and for a long time was not admitted by high society. Anxious feelings that bachata transmits, affect the heart, and the audience get a real pleasure from dance.
3. Latin mix. Sexy and uninhibited dance that makes the partner breathe frequently and burn with passion. In Latin mix multiple world dance styles are mixed: samba, Booty dance, and merengue.
4. Latina solo. Movements are coming from the heart and reflect an understanding of music by dancer. From the title it is clear that this does not need a partner. Everyone can learn Latin solo; its advantages are the simplicity and sensuality.

If you feel a fire, passion and sexuality, then you are set up for Latin dance. Only have you tried to perform a couple of motions as you’ll be embraced with the desire to dance again and again.

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