Lilac color in the interior

Lilac color in the interior

To renovated interior of the premises would be completed, it is necessary to choose the right colors and their combinations. Thus, you can easily decorate the room, which will cause only positive emotions in its inhabitants and visitors. However, the choice of a specific color decisions should be taken with the utmost responsibility, each of them has its own characteristics. Lilac color in the interior is no exception!

Lilac color in the interior

Meaning of lilac in design of the interior

Since ancient times, this color is considered to be very mysterious, as is obtained by mixing of red and blue colors, feminine and masculine. Psychologists say that sensitive and patient, secretive and laconic people love lilac.

During the decoration of premises in the house professional designers can skillfully combine shades of lilac with other colors. Various silver and gold-plated jewelries match it. The most frequent combinations are:

1. with white. Look well in any room. If it has a small size, it should be a lot of white, and it is better to choose lighter shades of lilac. Too pure white color makes interior cold, so you can use milk and beige tones.

2. with gray. Many shades of combinations are suitable for a minimalist style, modern apartments and in historic interiors.

3. with red. Quite difficult and scandalous blend, so only an experienced designer should work with it.

4. with green. This color can refresh lilac, make it warmer.

Lilac color in the interior of different premises

Best of all it looks in well-lit rooms, because it makes the darkened space even darker. Lilac color in the interior may reduce the size of the room, so it is more suitable for large premises.

1. Children’s room. In the rooms for the girls a dreamlike comfort is created, if successfully combine lilac with purple or pink tinge. For boys it is better to choose menthol or indigo. You should be careful with yellow, blue and green.

2. Bedroom. With lilac, you can create a special romantic atmosphere – just dilute it with warm tones. In some cases, even black and dark violet help to create a harmonious and stylish interior.

3. Living room. For a good rest after a heavy everyday life it is necessary to arrange a special warmth and comfort, combining in an interior lilac color with milk and cream shades. It is important to choose its tone wisely, because it can act as an irritant, causing negative emotions in many people.

4. Kitchen. Owners of kitchen facilities in a lilac color can get a great charge of vivacity and energy. Thus, silver cutlery and lilac furniture look great.

5. Bathroom. Lilac shade has a calming effect, if additionally use blue, turquoise, azure and purple then it will create a combined marine atmosphere. Accessories in the bathroom and can be arranged in a saturated lilac tone.

Using the lilac color in the interior, you must be very careful: excessive use of it can ruin the overall look of the room.

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