Lips are getting dry and cracked

Lips are getting dry and cracked

It’s not a secret that beauty and health are closely linked. Healthy person has no feeling of discomfort; he or she is efficient, leads active lifestyle and is confident and good looking. Lips are getting dry and cracked

For any woman healthy lips is kind of opportunity to express her opinions without words in various situations. To smile seductively, to curl lips scornfully, put them in an angry thin line – that’s’ a lot that women is able to express with facial expressions. Unfortunately, sometimes there is a vexing problem – dry and cracked lips. Before starting treatment, it is best to understand the reasons.

Reasons for the fact that lips become dry and cracked
The general state of the organism is largely reflected on the appearance. The lips become dry and crack because of:
• Recently you had a disease that was treated with antibiotics;
• Seasonal lack of vitamins;
• Insufficient quantities of vitamins A and E;
• Lack of iron, zinc;
• Allergic reactions to food and cosmetics; and this apply not only to the use of new products. With the weakening of immunity allergy may occur if using products that have already been consumed;
• Dehydration – when receiving diuretics, after high temperature;
• Frequent nasal congestion.

If at least one of the following reasons for the dryness of the lips is present, you should seek qualified medical advice.

Weather and dry lips

At long stay outside in hot, freezing, windy weather, lips become dry and cracked. Taking into account the temperature it is necessary to use cosmetic lip balms. They should be chosen with the various components that protect the delicate skin under different conditions and hold the natural moisture needed. Balm can be used as a lipstick, and instead of it.
Lipstick and combating dryness of the lips

Resistant lipstick should not be used too often as their constituent components penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, causing them significant harm. Before their use light moisturizing balm need to be applied. Read carefully the composition of lipstick before the purchase if the structure includes glycerin, it is better to give up the pleasant tone (in practice sometimes it is difficult to find the right color). If possible, replace the lipstick or gloss with shading balms to lower lips go dry and cracked. The modern cosmetic industry offers them in different colors.

Cracking lips? Habits

The health and appearance of the skin of the lips are affected by some habits. For example, licking and biting of the lips. This often happens in stressful situations and as a rule the attention is paid to the lips when they have already gone dry and cracked. Although it is difficult to get rid of the habit but still you need to develop self-control. And of course, the habit spoiling not only the external appearance of the lips, but the woman is smoking. Here, it’s up to individual, what is more important for her.

Caring for the lips and prevention

Daily regular care of lip skin will help prevent dryness and cracking. Carefully choose cosmetics for everyday use. A good lipstick or gloss must contain filters that protect against UV light, moisturizing and nourishing ingredients. At night you need to thoroughly clean the skin of the lips from makeup and apply balms, which composition may include beeswax and camphor.

Traditional recipes recommend putting honey mixed with glycerol on the lips before going to bed. Good hydration and nutrition effect can be given by either olive oil or any vegetable oil.

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