Living room in Scandinavian style

Living room in Scandinavian style

One of the most fashionable trends in interior design is a Northern Scandinavian style, which started to implement a few decades ago in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. It offers elegance, chic and parsimony of minimalism.

Living room in Scandinavian style

Scandinavia in the living rom

Non-replaceable companion of Scandinavian style in the living room is a white color of all of its shades. Because it is able to reflect light better than others, visually increasing space, and making rooms more spacious.

First things made in white color are the surfaces of walls and floor. Scandinavian style doesn’t accept false ceiling and suspended ceiling: everything should be natural. But it does not mean that the use of other colors will make the style nonscandinavian. In addition to main white color, you may use gentle, light colors, and to freshen them with bright ones.

This way you can concentrate on contrasts in the living room, for example:

• The combination of black sofa with white walls;
• Red, yellow and other colors of pillows on a white sofa;
• Color ornament on the wall near the sofa in harmony with the floor Mat or tablecloth on the coffee table.

However, the use of only white color may make the living room in Scandinavian style, more like the hospital corridors. As a result, bright accents on a white background – is a prerequisite of the specified design direction.

The furniture in the living room

Comparing to bedroom in Scandinavian style, where narrow and low bed is the main element, the sofa in the living room should be wide enough to fit all the guests. Its color depends entirely on the tastes of the owners, but must match the colors of other accessories. There should be a coffee or tea table in opposite to the sofa. The top can be both glass and natural wood.

In addition to the sofa, leather armchairs, antique chest or wicker chairs may also be the good seats. Choosing between the wardrobe and shelves, it’s better to stop on the latter ones. Generally, in this style designers tend to use the most comfortable furniture, while saving plenty of space. Open hanging shelves can be designed as a set of geometric connections. Often they reach a square on the wall.

Decorations in Scandinavian living room

You can beautify the environment with a massive mirror in a simple wooden frame. It’s not necessary to look for a place to hang it on the wall – you can just leave it on the floor.

A great solution is the design of the living room fireplace with ceramic tiles in light colors. It’s also possible to install the themed candlesticks, vases with flowers, an antique clock and other accessories.

Living room is the best place to prove natural lighting with the help of large windows and light curtains, that will frame them. Light curtains of cotton or linen will protect you from prying strangers in the evening. Chandeliers and floor lamps are good options for artificial lighting.

Scandinavian style will make the room very cozy and attractive, where guests and all family members will gather end enjoy their time!

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