Luxury imitation jewelry

Luxury imitation jewelry

It is difficult to overestimate the influence of imitation jewelry on a female image. Usually, expensive imitation jewelry is chosen to match an evening dress. Some people rely in their intuition, when choosing accessories. In order not to overleap yourself, you need to stick to the rules, which will help to make your image perfect, using some adornments.

Luxury imitation jewelry

1. Before choosing earrings and bracelets, you should think over the style of clothes. The classical garment can be complemented with gold-plated items and Swarovski crystals, and ethnic style – will be emphasized with bracelets and pendants with ethnic symbols. Boho fans will surely like the items with gems.

2. The clothes of bright and intense colors will be complemented with a small pendant and stud earrings with transparent zirconium, or without any gem. If you prefer to wear a monochromatic outfit – the emphasis may be placed on the hand-made multi-colored imitation jewelry.

Metal adornments of warm shades are perfect for blondes, but for brunettes it’s advisable to choose items of white gold or silver.

Brown or green eyed girls with beige skin should prefer earrings and pendants of dark green or amber color.

If your skin is not too pale, then jewelry of warm colors will be suitable and pale face skin will be shown to advantage by jewelry of silvery and bright yellow colors. Bright red, pink and blue – will complement the image of the girls with pale olive skin.

To look stylish, you shouldn’t necessarily choose accessories to match the clothes. The key factor – is to be able to combine the colors. For example, a bright yellow necklace will match a purple dress, and white or silver beads – a red one.

A blue-colored dress will look perfect with golden jewelry, and a cocktail dress will ideally match the items of silver and white gold.

Multi-colored stones with look elegant with a black dress. With a deep neckline a massive pendant with a large stone looks just perfect. A gray dress looks spectacular with a string of pearls around the neck.

When choosing jewelry for your garments, don’t forget that you shouldn’t wear too much jewelry. Current fashion trends don’t approve wearing a set of earrings, bracelet and necklace. Stylists consider this image to resemble a Christmas tree. When creating an outfit, keep in mind that it’s not recommended wearing more than three pieces of jewelry. For example, a ring, beads and earrings or a ring, a bracelet and earrings. A brooch cannot be combined with pendants, and massive earrings – with large beads. Moreover, you shouldn’t wear a neck chain and beads at the same time.

And the most important thing – if you have any doubts about matching your garment with jewelry – a stylist will always come to the rescue. A professional will help you to create an outfit, will choose the right jewelry, which will match the certain image and will cause no gossip round the corner.

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