Makeup for expressive glance

Makeup for expressive glance

Beautiful female eyes can bring to mind the most stable, worldly-wise man. They fascinate, captivate and suppress. Unfortunately, not all the fair sex was lucky enough to be born with big eyes of regular shape. Properly selected cosmetics and a few secrets of its proper use help correct this unfortunate injustice. Makeup for expressive eyes is one of the most popular services of a professional makeup artist.


Eyes are immense ‘field’ for bold experiments and creative achievements. They are a central part of the image and largely determine its success or failure. The basis of the art of ‘drawing’ eyes is the ability to create optical illusions.

Depending on the shape, orientation, and distance of the section you will need various contrivances for the creation of the ideal.

The classical form is the ideal

Almond eyes are recognized standard, the ideal of beauty and perfection. Getting started, makeup artists tend to lead to such a form the eyes of any type. Corner of the eye incision creates a semblance of the boom. Internal and external corners are on a line.


The owners of the classical form of the eye are most often women of Eastern nationalities, less often are Slavonic girls. Emphasize the almond-shaped eyes is possible with the eyebrows properly executed. Thick wide eyebrows are not the best option; they visually make eyes heavier, round them. The right choice is brows with a break.

The narrow shape of the eyes

The essence of the slit-eye optical modification consists in giving them expression and volume. To do this, on the edges of the eyelid the shadow of dark shades palette should be applied; center should be brightened. Emphasize the eye contour from the outside, gradually thickening the line to the center; line must be shaded with a brush until a smoky effect.

The marginal space (from the mucosa to the middle of the fixed-eyelid) should be open; here the drawing with the pastel pencil helps. Black lengthening mascara with extra volume will give the lashes direction ‘straight up’, opening the eyes and bringing them closer to the ideal.

Shape of ‘drop-down’ eyes

The peculiarity of the eyes consists of stewed outer corner, which creates a feeling of melancholy, always sullen look. The makeup artist task is visually balance the corners. Shadow should be applied to the lower part of the upper eyelid and shade toward the tail of eyebrows. The outer lid is left untouched.

By way of correction and creating makeup for expressive glance this form of the eye is the most difficult. Experts recommend to pay attention to the eyebrows.

It is necessary to remove the tail downward with the tweezers. The missing section should be finished up with the pencil upwards.
Close-set / wide-set eyes

In the first case, the entire range of cosmetic techniques will be directed to the outer third of the eye-side. Dimming is to be applied to the outer edge of the eyes towards the brows, and toward the temple. Light pastel tones obscures the inner corner of the century. Using lengthening mascara eyelash surface should be allocated towards the temple.

Makeup of wide-set eyes requires the entire eyelid filled with contour. Mascara is applied extensively in the inner part; the focus is on the beginning of the eyebrows.

Feather form the inside of the eyes should be gently highlighting, to dissolve gently towards the nose. It won’t be excess if you decide to darken the eyebrows head; it will bring them closer to the center of the face. To avoid frowning effect, break of the eyebrows can be highlighted with the color.

The convex shape of the eyes

The basic actions of the makeup artist in this case, is the emphasis of the visual ‘deepening’. Matte medium shades, closer to the darker tones should be used on the mobile eyelid.


Contours should represent a broad line with shading. Apply to the inside of the eyes, extending toward the temple. Directly under the brow apply light shadows.

Deep-set eyes

The anatomical feature of this form is the overhang of the brow arch on an eyeball. The resulting shadow creates a feeling of eyes ‘fell into a hole.’ Here, make-up artist to take the task of emphasis on zone under the brow. In the make-up with deep-set eyes, the problem will be solved with the bright palette of shadows. The brightest color should be applied to the lower eyelid. Shadows should be shade for the crease of the upper eyelid, without making the boundaries between mobile and fixed eyelid. The final point in reincarnation should be abundant use of the mascara of dark shades; it is not superfluous to use crisp sequins.

The round shape of the eyes

From the base of the eyelashes to the eyebrow apply the first coat of light pastel shades; create a dark shadow on the crease of the upper eyelid. Eyeliner at the base of the eyelashes slightly shade and ‘pull’ to the temple. The line should gradually thicken from the center to the outer corner.

Big round eyes should be visually narrowed. Solve the problem with the line on mucosal border made by the water-resistant black pencil. Outer corner should be pulled, shaded. On the edge closer to the temple it is better to fix a pencil with dark matte shadows, fill the inner corner with light pearl.

Makeup for expressive glance: color gamut

Question of proper selection of colors of shadow plays a significant role in creating the necessary optical illusions.

Owners of blue eyes with all sorts of shades must make a choice in favor of the palette of plum, brown, gray or pink; they emphasize the noble eye color and make it more vivid.

Light and dark shades of green eyes will sparkle as emeralds if surrounded by purple and gray-brown shadows. Give tenderness at a constant expressiveness with a help of gold, brick and dark blue colors.

Fetch out brown eyes with olive, beige, purple and blue palettes.


A couple tips for those with glasses. Selection of decorative cosmetics is determined by the performance of the rim. The metal variants organically combine with gentle range of colors.

Lovers of bright frames should not experiment with the rich colors of shadows, the best solution – pastel without pearl. It is better to focus on the eyelashes, tint with mascara with a volume effect.

Popular horn-rimmed glasses will look good in combination with a well-drawn line of the eyebrows.

To makeup would stay all day and evening one would shine throughout the event, one should resort to the following tricks:

1. If powder eyelids and eyelashes before applying cosmetics, mascara and shadow will form an even layer and will hold twice as long.
2. To prevent bags under the eyes, you should limit the amount of liquid consumption per day.
3. Brows should always be in perfect condition. Creating the correct form, suitable for the type of person, and the right choice of color are best to be left to the professionals.

Makeup made with the advice of the above, will allow to beat the natural appearance and make eyes the accent of the image.

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