Makeup of fall-winter 2016-2017

Makeup of fall-winter 2016-2017

Makeup is perhaps one of the highlights of the stylish and attractive women’s style, which is no less important than fashion clothing or neat haircut. Makeup should not only be properly executed, but chosen wisely, because it can be used to focus the attention of others in the expressive eyes and seductive lips. What makeup will be relevant in the fall-winter 2016-2017?


Makeup of fall-winter season promises to be ultra bright, creative and extraordinary. World-famous designers and makeup artists offer women bold and imaginative variations, among which each girl will be able to choose a few ideal choices.

The new season pleases the glamorous fashionistas with unique riot of fashionable trends, each of which deserves to lead the ranking of the best fashion makeup trends. Emphasized sexuality, deliberate naturalness, and creative negligence – all of these contrasting trends are present in the makeup of autumn and winter 2016-2017, leaving the choice for the woman.

Today you are a modest fan of naturalness the nude, tomorrow you are charming vamp, accompanied by hundreds of enthusiastic views. The fall-winter season opens up vast expanses to fantasy and daring experiments with the girls’ looks. So what are the beauty trends will become real hits of the upcoming season?

Dark lipstick

Here comes the real ‘star’ hour for all fans of the Gothic style. Dark shades of the lipstick are gaining huge popularity. And it is not a dark red but rich dark-purple, plum, cherry, purple and even black shades. This is one of the most important trends of the season, which has won the hearts of both well-known makeup artists, and charming fashionistas.

Makeup with the dark lipstick involves focusing attention only on the lips, which become the main focus of attention. Gothic makeup requires compliance with several rules:

• The basic rule of the spectacular gothic makeup is to be very careful. Lip contour is a perfectly smooth, even graphic lines, without the slightest hint of negligence. Lubricated or flowed lipstick of the dark shade will bring all the efforts to nothing. Therefore, be sure to use a contour pencil coinciding with the tone of lipstick, and constantly tinker the contour throughout the day.


• The main ‘canvas’ for the experiments is lips. All attention is given to direct decoration of the lips. Eye makeup should be very neutral. The only thing that is allowed is a thin arrow on the upper eyelid, or several layers of mascara.

• Dark colors of lipstick ‘output’ the face skin to the forefront, and therefore its tone and condition should be perfect. Any pimple or redness spoils gorgeous makeup, so be sure to apply a foundation and loose powder, which will fix the masking effect.

• Dark lipstick perfectly mixes with the simple, the most natural hairstyles. Any excessively complex stylings, resembling architectural structures; leave them for other occasions. The best option would be a simple and elegant hairstyle such as the tail or laconic styling with the effect of wet hair.

Sexy red lips

This is a real classic, which for decades does not leave the fashion Olympus. Lipstick of red, scarlet color is a true sexuality and provocation that can turn you into a real temptress in a matter of seconds.

As is the case with dark lipstick, the red color is the only bright accent in a makeup. Eyes, skin tone, blush – in all required naturalness. Many makeup artists advise girls to leave the eyes without any makeup, tweaking the eyelashes a little with tweezers. Leave the eyebrows without makeup; but they have to be very neat and well-groomed. Be sure to comb hair of the eyebrows upwards, further shape can be fixed by special cosmetic wax.


Girls with pale skin tones can choose from cool shades of scarlet, the owners of dark skin should better choose warmer tones of red.

Bright shades of the lipstick

Despite the fact that summer came to an end, the lipstick of bright, colorful shades – orange, peach, carrot, doll-pink, purple, and fuchsia – does not lose its position in the fashion rating. Makeup in bright and catchy colors will remind you about the bright and sunny summer throughout the winter. Bright shades of lipstick can be both warm and rich, ‘neon’.

Bright makeup of the lips can be combined with the same bright eye makeup – wide ‘cat’ arrows on the eyes, colorful or gloomy shadow ‘smoky’. At the same time, the texture of bright lipstick can be quite different – matte, pearl, glitter.


To give the lips a seductive sexuality, paint them with the chosen lipstick, and put a few drops of lip gloss in the middle.

Natural eyebrows

The time, when the eyebrows demanded strict and extremely accurate form, has long passed away. Today’s fashion industry does not recognize the tattoo or thin-arrows eyebrows. Their form should be very natural, untouched with the tweezers and a pencil.

In the collections of many world famous designers you can see the models with the eyebrows without makeup and tweezing that look natural. There is no need to bring up the eyebrows to the perfectly accurate state – the light negligence will bring charm to your image. The only thing that can be done is to pluck a few hairs on the bottom line with the help of tweezers, so the eyebrows would have a beautiful, curved shape.


How to make natural shape of the eyebrows? To do this, you need to comb hair with the brush in an upward direction, you can use a special wax for the eyebrows if necessary. If your eyebrows are too thin or thick, comb the eyebrow hairs against the line of their growth, then apply several thin pencil strokes to match the color of the eyebrows and comb the hair upwards.

Bleached eyebrows

Another fashion trend of the fall-winter season is the bleached eyebrows. Despite the fact that on the catwalks the models with white eyebrows look very unusual, extraordinary trend has found immense popularity among millions of girls.


Bleached eyebrows are a great way to focus everyone’s attention on the eye makeup, for example, stylish smoky eyes. Of course, not every woman dares to make a radical change of the color of the eyebrows, so many makeup artists recommend simply apply white, pearl or silver shades of the eye shadows on the eyebrow line.

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