Man doesn’t want to marry?

Man doesn’t want to marry?

Girls usually aim at creating a strong and happy family. However, many representatives of the stronger sex have their own views regarding relations, and not all of them are ready to lead their beloved one to the altar immediately. Why is happen and what should a girl do in this situation? Let’s try to gain insight.

Man doesn’t want to marry

Why men don’t want to get married?

Many men think that if a girl is nice-looking and sweet before wedding, after it, she will turn into an unattractive wretch. This paradigm may appear due to unfortunate experience of family life in the past or on the basis of the public opinion.

Often a man, who doesn’t want to marry his beloved one, is simply not sure completely that she – is his destiny.
Sometimes men may think that marriage will become a significant hindrance for achieving greater career heights. This means only one thing: no one knows exactly, how long it will take your chosen one to reach his multiple goals. Excessive longueur with a wedding can become very tiring, so it’s advisable to break off such relations, which don’t have clear perspectives for the future.

But not only men make mistakes in personal relations. If a girl is too intrusive and has the clear goal of getting married, this may scare your beloved or even result in the breach of relations.

It’s worth mentioning that the idea to force your beloved to the altar and thus create a happy family is very unlikely to succeed.

What to do, if a man doesn’t want to get married?

You can be patient and wait for that life period, when a man will be ready for serious intentions and will make a marriage proposal. Your beloved one is sure to appreciate your unobtrusiveness and understanding.

Another option requires more courage – to give birth to his child. However, in this case, besides the possibility to get married, you receive even a greater responsibility for your baby – his life and upbringing. You shouldn’t expect that the instinct will turn your man into an incredibly gentle and caring father and husband. In any case, initially you should rely only on yourself and your own strength.

You probably have often thought over the idea that, if a man doesn’t want to get married, then these relations won’t result in anything positive. This statement has some truth in it, because during these many years of expectations your man simply gets used to seeing you in his apartment, bed and so on. However, he may, unfortunately, choose someone else to be his wife.

Therefore, you should look around, choose a worthy partner and create a perfect family with him. And it’s high time to break off this standard cohabitation completely and ruthlessly, because it rarely ends up with something good! Love and appreciate yourself, your time, youth and beauty.

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