Matte lipstick is universal cosmetics!

Matte lipstick is universal cosmetics!

There must be a lot of different cosmetics in the arsenal of each modern woman, including several types and shades of decorative cosmetics for lips? Matte lipstick is one of these.

Matte lipstick is universal cosmetics

What is matte lipstick?

There are a lot of powder and wax in it, by so allowing them to look more softly and smoothly. And the color became vital, intense and have a velvet effect. The peak of popularity of such lipstick was in the age of great popularity of black and white cinema (beginning XX century). Matte gives the lips more brightness and expressiveness, but soon people stopped using it, because it dried the skin. Modern matte lipstick has the same effect, but doesn’t harm the lips, on the contrary, perfectly moisturize and nourish them. With the development of new better formula of the composition, also the need in this product come back.

Whom does it suit?

1. Decorative cosmetics of this type does not give a visual volume, so, it’s not suitable for ladies with narrow lips.
2. The pink color and other bright shades of matte lipstick are better for young ladies with tanned skin. Older women should use more deep, darks, noble colors.
3. In order not to look vulgar and tasteless, you should abandon the bright shades of blue and green in color when using matte lipstick in makeup.
4. Light-skinned girls are recommended to choose a beige matte lipstick.

How to use?

You should apply lipstick to prepared lips. To do this, make scrubbing a few hours before: this procedure removes all the excess skin flakes, causing the color will be more even. Next, you need to apply nourishing, hydrating base in the form of a cream of balm. Then you should use a lip pencil of a matching shade, and apply lipstick with the brush – better in two layers. Finally, it’s desirable to remove excess makeup by blotting lips with a napkin.

How to choose a matte lipstick?

1. The correct shade is one of the main criteria while choosing lipstick. You should do it, noting the appearance and style of clothing. To see how the color will look on the lips, it’s enough to put a little on a finger pads. Applying probes is unhygienic.
2. You should buy a matte lipstick only by famous brands and only in specialized stores, as well as another cosmetic. Monitor the expiration date and hold in in a cool place.
3. Quality lipstick smells good, has the same color around the perimeter, smooth surface and strong core. It should not roll and spread in the summer and keeps the color for a long time.
4. This product catches eye not only on lips, but on the whole face, so you should monitor the evenness of its tone.

Matte lipstick is an essential, trendy and versatile product in the purse of all women of all ages. The color palette allows you to choose the right shade for each lady. Cosmetics looks good both in the daytime and in the evening, while the brushed effect emphasizes the elegance of style!

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