Minimalism in the interior – an expression of good taste

Minimalism in the interior – an expression of good taste

The minimalist interior looks very impressive. It expresses the lifestyle of representatives of our generation, who value functionality, convenience and brevity in things. Minimalism assumes that the designer has an impeccable taste, the ability to achieve the desired result by simple means. Rooms decorated with no sense of style devoid of brightness remind hospital wards or office. But with the right approach, you can get room full of home-like atmosphere and generosity, which it is really comfortable to live in.

Minimalism in the interior – an expression of good taste

The essence of minimalism lies in the simplicity and a proper understanding of space. This interior style does not accept complex compositions. To be easier in all – this is the main rule. This does not mean that methods making interior expressive are unacceptable. Excellent results in this case can be achieved with bright accents, but they should not be much. To create the desired mood it is enough of only one intriguing element of the interior, everything else is made out as a good background for it.

The use of interesting technology “gimmicks” is encouraged: new models of household appliances, electric fireplaces, glass constructions, unusual furniture. The use of wooden panels or volume-space modules will allow to decorate the wall with a large structure, which itself will serve as a bright interior detail. Textures in general play an important role in the decoration of the premises.

The soft texture of fabrics, curtains and carpets add a sense of comfort. Properly selected colors and patterns of textiles, high quality fabrics accentuate the beauty and brevity of the overall design, giving the setting notes of home heat.

This trend is significantly different from other styles of interior with the nuances of the lighting organization. Here, the great importance is attached to the selection of suitable lamps. In minimalism, light sources can be used for many purposes – to emphasize the main subject, add a line to emphasize or, on the contrary, to “break” the geometry of space. This style is good with track, and built-in spotlights, by which creates lighting, perceived as an organic part of the whole composition.

One of the main features of a minimalist approach to the design of the premises is the desire to remove all superfluous from the field of view. This applies not only to the elements of various utilities. In addition to wiring, highlights and other details of modern life it is necessary to cover personal things, which are not currently in use. This is done by installing built-in wardrobes, dressing room arrangement, where each subject will find its place.

For minimalism, the use of very simple colors is characteristically. Usually the room is decorated in white or gray tones. The predominance of monochrome palette does not interfere with the right environment to play colors, so well designed interior does not seem cold. The use in interior decoration of wood, stone and other natural materials promotes this. For example, a floor covering in the form of broadband board that has the texture of natural wood shades, will bring in a minimalist environment a pleasant feeling of comfort.

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