Mont Tremblant: ski resort for successful people

Mont Tremblant: ski resort for successful people

It is believed that the founder of the Tremblant ski empire was Joe Ryan, who was from Philadelphia, United States. In 1938 he, along with his longtime friend, journalist Lowell Thomas and Harry Wheeler, arrived at Tremblant place in search of gold.

Mont Tremblant: ski resort for successful people

Friends decided to climb to the top of the mountain, and a wonderful view of the surrounding area opened in front of them. At that moment, Joe Ryan suggested that in a few years Mont Tremblant would be the best resort town in Canada. Much to the surprise of all, in 1939, almost a year later, even less, the first hotel, called Mont Tremblant Lodge was opened in February 1939. Even today, nearly eight decades later, hotel complex, founded by Joe Ryan is the main landmark of the terrain.

The birth of the idea about the resort

Lowell Thomas was an avid skier, all the free time spent on the ski slopes close to the new resort. Name Tremblant resort received from the name of three-lift, which was built in the northern part of the resort. Almost until 1991 it was an independent resort, developed by its current and remained popular only in certain circles of stakeholders. Resort was bought by the company Intrawest, which decided to give the international status to the ski resort. During this period, construction works were held to create a new image of the resort village. The resort area was expanding; the new lifts including gondolas were being built.

Intrawest company decided to build a new hotel complex, which would have an international status, and as soon as possible, along with the first hotel complex there was built a new, called Grand Manitou Summit Lodge. To make it popular, the new owners of the ski resort decided in 2009 to open a casino; the casino building was carried out directly at the foot of the sunny side of the ski slope. It is noteworthy that to get to the casino is possible only on the water, and this provided a constant route in the form of 8 gondolas to the place of gambling.

A little statistics for Tremblant

The highest point of the area – 914 meters.
Vertical drop – 645 meters.
Maximum snow depth – 4 meters.
Number of lifts -14 (or 27 300 persons per hour), there are 2 telelifts
The number of tracks for skiing – 95
The longest track of the resort – 6 km.

In addition, there are three kinds of ski slopes, which are designed for different categories of tourists. Routes for the most advanced – 50% of the total number of tracks. Trails for advanced skiers – 30% of the total. Trails for those who are just beginning to learn skiing -17%.


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