Mont Tremblant: ski resort for successful people

Mont Tremblant: ski resort for successful people

How to get to Mont Tremblant by car

If you arrive in Canada, and you want to get in Mont Tremblant, use routes by car. The easiest and fastest option to get to the resort is the motorway 15, which leads from Montreal (northern part) to St. Agatha, where later the freeway goes into the Canadian national track 117. On this highway, according to the signs you will need to turn onto the highway 119, which will lead you straight to Tremblant. The whole trip from Montreal to Tremblant would take you about 90 minutes.

Using the roads of the western part of Canada (Ottawa and Toronto), you can significantly cut and save time. There is one caveat, which is known to every resident of Canada. In winter, all the tracks from the Ottawa and Toronto are filled up with snow, and although the roads are cleared, it takes you longer than the road through Montreal. Generally, the ski resort is in high demand in the winter season, so all the residents and guests of the Mont Tremblant use trails through Montreal.

How to get by plane

To get to Mont-Tremblant, you can use the charter flights from Philadelphia or Dallas (in the Tremblant there is an airport that has International status). Flights are also provided by one of Continental Airlines companies, which makes regular flights from the airport in Newark, and Porter Airlines company flies direct from Toronto. The largest international airport nearest to Tremblant is located in Montreal.

How to get by bus

There are coaches operated by Groupe Galland to the resort area. Autocarrier connects major cities in Canada Montreal and Mont-Laurier with Mont Tremblant. This company provides auto transportation year round. In winter, additional transportation services are carried out by Skyport tourist buses, which organizes the delivery of tourists in Tremblant directly from the airport named after Pierre Elliott Trudeau, which is located in Montreal. Thus, the tourist from all over the world can get by bus to the resort area throughout the year.

Mont Tramblant tracks

The biggest difference of the ski resort is 649 meters; the longest track of the resort has a length of 6 km. The total number of tracks in the ski resort is 95 pieces. Skiers, resort tourists can get to the tops in any of the 14 ski lifts.

Ski area in the ski resort is divided into 4 independent zones, namely:

South Side
Soleil Side
North Side
Edge Side

Each zone has its own different characteristics, including the complexity of tracks, an abundance of snow, and the general panorama. The most popular is North Slope, where the tracks are better equipped, and right at the slope there is free parking.


An additional attractive destination of the ski resort is Snow Park, which is designed for professional skiers and snowboarders. The park is almost 7 hectares, where snowboarders can turn on the full program. For lovers of calm skiing Snow Park provides a platform on which 65 km of snowy slopes are placed.

How to entertain yourself in Tremblant; the sights

There are no special attractions in Tremblant except for the local monument, the clock tower. Historical iconic monuments are not there, but all of these disadvantages are covered by the indescribable beauty of the area, which probably is the main monument of natural value. Mountains, lakes, forests are of truly idealistic form, which is untouched since ancient times. The northern part of the resort is notable for the fact that here you can see the countryside, which preserved the traditional Canadian way of life.

Tourist in Mont Tremblant can dog-sledding and sleigh on the tubing. Lovers of riding can go to travel on horseback to the nearby fields and plains. Lovers of climbing can measure up their strength on snowshoes and slopes, which in these areas are presented in unlimited quantities. Fans of extreme sports can take part in Akrobanch, a special way with obstacles, where there are various obstacles – bungee, sophisticated in its design suspension bridges, and the culmination of the track with obstacles will be the returning to the village by cable branch of the ski resort.

Evening rest in full swing

After a hard day of skiing in the ski resort tourists can relax in a specially designed SPA center Aquaclub La Source, which has everything you need for the adoption of SPA-procedures. In addition, the center has a gym and the purpose-built hot tubs, which are located in the open air. There is the unified ticket for visiting the SPA-center, which is only $ 24 a day. Between the stations in place Tremblant Versant Soleil and Versant Sud there is a unique center of gambling – the local casino, where you can get only by gondola.

Summer time is the time for the rest and preparation for the winter ski season

Summer season is not ‘dead’ for Mont Tremblant. On the southern slope there is a bicycle rental service, with which you can explore the surrounding area. The indoor pool in Aquaclub La Source works, which opens the door for adults ($ 20 for visit a day), and children (1 visit is estimated at $ 10 per day).

After going down to the lake, you can enjoy the game of golf; there is one of the best golf courses in Canada here. On the lake you can find water sports, which are presented in a large assortment. For outdoor enthusiasts there is summer recreation center Activity Centre, which will help any tourist to find entertainment or activity.


In the ski resort there is the largest in Canada Parc de Mont Tremblant National Park. Within the reserve, there is the sufficient number of campsites equipped with walkways. The park has the number of mountain rivers; the guests of the camping can rent a canoe.

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