Morning makeup in five minutes

Morning makeup in five minutes

It is pleasant for every girl to hear about how good she looks. Especially such a compliment will raise the mood in the morning and provide it on all day. But in the morning everyone wants to sleep late … How to look good in the morning, spending just five minutes for your appearance?

Morning makeup in five minutes

Before applying makeup, the face should be carefully washed and a daily moisturizer should be applied. Surplus cream must be removed with a napkin.

For the morning makeup it is better to use shadows of light and beige shades and apply them in a thin semi-transparent layer that attracts the attention to the eyes and not to the color of shadows.

In order not to look bleak, it is possible to contrast shadows shade with the eye color. To makeup would look natural, it is recommended to use dry matte shadows. You can give your eyes a desired form using a variety of colors and different textures of shadows. If prior to the application of shadows you’ll cover the skin around the eyes with the cream tone, the color will be flat and be more stable.

How to quickly apply makeup in the morning, without wasting a lot of time?

First you need to hide flaws using corrector under the eyes (to disguise dark circles), small pimples and the other skin imperfections. To give the freshness to the face, you can apply the tone on the wings of the nose, chin and gently distribute.

You can use this circuit for eye makeup: the inner corner of eye put lighter shadows; on the external – dark ones, bottom is also dark, and the top of the eyelid is light. Lashes cover with mascara, if time permits; you can curl your lashes. Then look will be more open, deep and alive. To save time, you can easily replace the liner with shades, just by making a thin line as close as possible to the growth of the eyelashes with a damp and thin brush.

Eyebrows should be combed and tined with light-brown pencil. If apply a little blush of delicate shades on the cheekbones, the face will look fresh. Before you apply lipstick, lips need to be powdered, lipstick will then look much smoother, and the color will last longer. Lipstick can be replaced with glitter. Experts recommend using of bright lipstick, if you do not have time for makeup. Bright color focuses on the lips, and distract from the absence of the rest of the makeup.

Five minutes and makeup is ready! And, of course, we should not forget about our favorite perfumes. Do not neglect the morning makeup, no matter how much time would be left before the going out. Spending five minutes, you can achieve excellent results, providing yourself with compliments for the whole day.

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