Multimasking – the innovation in the skin care

Multimasking – the innovation in the skin care

Women are very inventive in the pursuit of beauty and beautiful skin. To have such an advantage has become very fashionable, because the natural beauty with the minimum of cosmetics is at the peak of popularity. So, well-known cosmetic companies are betting on caring means instead of decorative cosmetics. A few years ago Boscia brand originally from Asia produced an unusual set of the means for the skin care consisting of several tubes of masks and brushes. Now multimasking is a new trend in the beauty industry, which enjoys great popularity among the beautiful ladies who love to care for their skin.


What is multimasking?

Multimasking application technology is very simple: the content of the tubes is applied with a brush on the different face zones. Instead of making several turns masks, overloading the skin with unnecessary components, each zone gets what it needs. This approach not only saves your time but also provides the skin with essential nutrients or cleaning agents. Dermatologists have long appreciated multimasking, but before you try it for yourself, you must find out the characteristics of your skin. This will require examining of every centimeter of the face and neck, to determine what masks should be put and last but not least where to put them.

Zoned face care

So, before you do the multimasking, you need to define the needs of each face zone.


T-zone line is distributed on the forehead, nose and chin. Virtually every type of skin suffers in the T-zone of enhanced production of the sebaceous glands. Because of this dark spots, acne or even subcutaneous purulent inflammation appear on it quickly. To avoid such hassles, skin in this area should be not only regularly cleaned with a cleanser, but also be treated with masks constricting pores. Practicing multimasking on the T-zone, you should apply coal, black and blue clay masks, as well as products containing salicylic acid.

The area around the eyes

This area is very delicate and very demanding in terms of care, as the sebum is absolutely not produced there. Accordingly, the area around the eyes needs to be constantly moisturized and nourished. Special patches that come in almost every set of multimasking will cope with it perfectly. These are silicone or fabric strips impregnated with cosmetics. They can also be purchased separately. Fortunately, fashion for patches is in full swing, so select the desired option is not difficult. For mature skin choose patches with retinol and collagen, for those suffering from dark circles it’s better to take ones with caffeine, etc.

Cheekbones area

On the cheeks skin is mostly dry and prone to flaking. Such problems create a dull complexion and add women age. To refresh the skin in this area, make it smooth and radiant, you’ll need mask with vitamins C, A, E, fruit acids, herbal substances and peptides. Importantly, do not forget about cleansing the skin by special means before applying the mask.

Neck and neckline area

Taking care for the facial skin you should never forget about the neck. This zone is able to give the woman’s age and the degree of her care. Therefore, the application of masks on this area is becoming a prerequisite for using multimasking. For the neck it is necessary to select a mask with a nutrient composition. The texture should be creamy, comfortable and not tightening the skin. The main component of the right to this area: panthenol, hyaluronic acid, jojoba and grapes seed oil, vitamin A, E, extracts of plants and algae.

Advantages of multimasking

Features of multimasking can be identified thanks to its undeniable advantages. The first positive side is saving the time. Perfect and accurate care for each centimeter of skin. Compared with the conventional application of the mask, this procedure is characterized by its well thought-out and logic. The real salvation for the owners of combination skin and this type according to the statistics, is the most common. Getting in one session care required for each individual area of the skin is convenient, nice and helpful.


An important factor has recently become plus of creative freedom in the process of care. Beauty camouflage in different colors is in vogue. In Instagram #multimusking is gaining unprecedented momentum with each passing day. Fashionable trend of contouring the face is in the past, now fashionable women spread in a network photos with multi-colored multimasks on the face. To be in trend and look after the skin has become fashionable as ever.

How to choose multimasking?

Having decided to buy multimasking, you should pay attention to diversity, which is offered by a modern cosmetic market. Do not buy masks in sashets for twice-use, because it will be difficult to keep them for the second time. The most profitable is the acquisition of multimasking in tubes of 30 or 50 mm. They easily can be stored until the next application, thanks to tightly screwing cover. For example, for thin and delicate skin around the eyes, it is desirable to buy a mask, which is composed of O2. Quickly remove the swelling will help the agents with hyaluronic acid and cucumber extract. Before buying you should review your favorite brand new items, perhaps they could pick up a fashionable trend and released a set of multimasking. Superiority among sets continues to keep the discoverer of multimasking, Boscia, producing kits for all skin types.

Multimasks at home

Not always it is possible to buy multimasking set, but every day we want to look well. Fortunately, to make the skin relaxed, fresh and beautiful, sometimes the only available means are used, which can be purchased at your local store or found in the kitchen. You can prepare a separate mask for each individual zone by mixing in a small bowl the ingredients needed.

Multimasks at home
Cleansing masks for T-zone

Among the cleansing masks the component-champion is clay. It can be blue, black or white; each kind has its narrowing and smoothing properties. One teaspoon of dry clay pour with three tablespoons of green tea of room temperature. The resulting mixture should be applied with a brush on the forehead, nose and chin. If the skin is dry, you can add in a container for mixing a few drops of any cosmetic oils. Keep this mask about 15 minutes, then rinse with cool water.

In second place among the cleaning agents for the skin belongs to activated carbon. In recent years, its use in cosmetics has gained unprecedented momentum and for good reason. Coal is known for its absorbent properties, which help to suck all the dirt like a sponge. Crash two tablets of pharmacy miraculous mean, add half a teaspoon of powder of green tea and the same of dry bentonite clay. Mix the pulp with two teaspoons of water and apply on the skin. Once dry, rinse. This mask helps to get rid of black dots.

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