Multimasking – the innovation in the skin care

Multimasking – the innovation in the skin care

The nutritional and anti-aging mask for the skin around the eyes

Skin of the eyelids is always in need of supplementary nutrition and hydration, which the daily care is sometimes not able to give her. Therefore, the features of multimasking include a compulsory care for this delicate area. Fortunately, you should not mix many ingredients, to nourish the skin perfect option is the mixture of fat sour cream with cottage cheese, cosmetic oils and creams, peach pulp with honey.

To refresh and rejuvenate the area around the eyes, you can use the conventional tea bags, after having wrung out and chill them in the refrigerator. Excellent in this work are the circles of sliced cucumber, raw potatoes, or a mixture of chopped greens. The thick mixture should be wrapped in cheesecloth and applied in a thin layer or wet a cotton pad with it. For the skin around the eyes it is useful to wipe it with ice cube of welded herbs in the morning. This morning habit will keep delicate skin toned and help to preserve its youth. However, by those who have closely spaced capillaries such a procedure cannot be performed.

Masks with lifting effect for the neck and neckline

What could be more beautiful for women than young, fresh and tightened skin without wrinkles? That’s right, absolutely nothing. Therefore, almost all the news of the cosmetic market contain agents disintegrating skin. It is good that you can not to worry about how to make multimasking at home and tighten the skin. Natural foods are rich in substances that promote skin rejuvenation. The first to come to the aid can be such a simple product as a hen’s egg protein. You’ll need only one thing – to mix one egg with two capsules of Aevitum, a teaspoon of flaxseed oil and a mask for the face and the neck is ready.

An excellent product for the preparation of lifting masks at home is considered to be gelatin. To begin with one small bag has to be brought to readiness as indicated on the package.

The resulting slurry will have to be put in a water bath, and knead it in half the banana pulp. Then cool and apply on your face. Hold for about 20 minutes. This mask smoothes the skin, as well as with constant use it tighten the facial contour.

Rejuvenating masks should have a special texture: soft, smooth, not injuring the skin. They should not contain coarse particles or microbeads. Delicate skin cannot be stretched, pulled or massaged when applying the mask.

Express masks

It is great, when it is possible to devote a whole day to care for yourself. But unfortunately, in today’s hectic lifestyle not every woman is given the opportunity. Sometimes you need to look good in a couple of hours and without rest this task becomes almost unreal. At such moments, various rapid masks come to the aid. At home, you can also make a quick multimasking. The new trend makes it possible to make yourself beautiful, spending a minimum of time.

The cucumber helps to refresh the skin quickly. It must be peeled and cut into slices. Apply the cream on the skin with a thick layer and spread out on top of the cucumber rings.

This is a very popular and effective express mask that helps to quickly bring the skin in order, eliminating signs of fatigue or swelling.

A good pharmacy tool for fast and high-quality mask is kelp. These algae are widely sold in pharmacies, so it is not difficult to buy a bag. Dissolve a spoonful of dry kelp in a small amount of boiling water, condemn, then add a little liquid honey. Just 10 minutes of rest with a mask will replace a few hours of sleep.

For those who live outside the city, the ideal product would be the usual mint. Crush a pinch of fresh leaves with a pair of strawberries, add a couple of spoonfuls of sour cream and a vitamin charge for the skin is ready.

Of course, not do without the egg. This product is an indispensable tool in any home mask, but it is especially good for eliminating tiredness from the skin. For the express egg mask you will only need one egg yolk and a teaspoon of olive or coconut oil. The resulting mixture is applied with a brush on the cheekbones area and washed off after 10 minutes.

Express masks

Express masks of homemade products can and should be applied to the different facial zone, in order to achieve a visible effect. In contrast with a commercially available kit of multimasking this alternative will eliminate the possibility of allergic reactions to cosmetics.

It can be concluded that the use of multimasks is at its peak. The new trend is distinguished not only by its use and time-saving, but also an unusual way of expression. Fashion for the beauty and health of the skin will never go away, so the discovery of new beauty treatments is always a pleasure and an advantage for the beautiful half of the world.

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