Nautical style wedding

Nautical style wedding

A traditional form of wedding have ceased to be interesting long ago. Young couples often want something unusual, that nobody has had before. Someone chooses a wedding on a desert island or in an exotic country, someone orders a luxurious restaurant and others fly to modern cities, such as New York and Los Angeles. Of course, not everyone can afford such expenditure, so we offer you a more affordable option – a nautical style wedding.

Nautical style wedding

Invitations to a nautical wedding

Invitations should match the general style of the event. We offer several options for creating the original cards. The first one – to stock plenty of see-through bottles and print out a text, which will be later tucked into each of them. It will make some sort of a mythic message, and your guests will appreciate this creative solution.

The second option – common paper invitations with the striped ribbon or volumetric seashell. You can easily glue this decorative material to the postcards, and seashells and ribbons can be bought in a dry-goods store. But you shouldn’t limit your imagination to these ideas. Maybe you will come up with more original and creative solution for the wedding invitation design.

Dress code for guests of a nautical style wedding

All the guests should stick to one rule in order to keep the style of the event. For the ladies it can be dark blue dresses or various suits and dresses with white and blue horizontal stripes, resembling a sailor’s striped vest.

Men should choose dark blue suits with original ties or light summer pants with striped vests.

Outfit for bride and groom

Brides should pay attention to mermaid style dresses or short, not gaudery ones, looking like beach dresses. Color range can be white, blue or bright red. When choosing a wedding dress, you should rely on your taste alone, but keep in mind that it should match a nautical style of your wedding.

It’s a bit easier for a groom. A common blue suit can be complemented with a light sea cap like a captain’s and a cheerful bright tie of the above mentioned colors.

Where to spend the wedding?

As one of the options, you can arrange a wedding on a river bank or on the sea shore, if they are any in your town. But in reality, not everyone turns out to be fond of such a variant. Most often, nautical style weddings are arranged on ships, boats and yachts.

You can do without renting a ship and just hold the event in a banquet hall, decorated with marine details. You are the one to choose! To make a bright and stunning event, you should use all the imagination and don’t forget about positive emotions.

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