New Athos: a paradise on the earth

New Athos: a paradise on the earth

Holidays in New Athos is considered to be the best in the whole Black Sea coast of Abkhazia during decades. Beautiful nature, mild climate and hospitality of the locals make this place real paradise.

New Athos a paradise on the earth

Whom is suitable vacation in New Athos for?

A couple of decades ago, during the Soviet era, New Athos was a resort for the elite and the privileged strata of society. Today the holiday here is available to everyone. This place is ideal for those who prefer hasteless and calm pastime, privacy and silence. There are no nightclubs, bars and bustling entertainment complexes in New Athos. But there are avenues, immersed in the green of citrus and olive groves, wide beaches where vacationers do not interfere with each other, and a unique atmosphere, which can be described in three words – peace of mind.

New Athos yesterday, today, tomorrow

The history of New Athos begins back in the 3rd century. Historians claim that the region was already thriving, and in the 8th century it did become capital of the newly proclaimed Abkhazian kingdom.

Since then, the status of the city has changed several times. New Athos saw many bloody wars, but continued its life. Today, in memory of the affairs of bygone days, there are numerous attractions, including the New Athos Monastery and the ancient caves, Anakopia fortress and Genoese tower.

Unfortunately, most of the Soviet era sanatoria and hotels were destroyed during the 1992-1993 war. However, new ones were built in their places, in no way inferior to the elite European hotels.

And the level of service does not lose advertised Turkish or Egyptian.

Attractions of New Athos

Sightseeing tour is one of the top vacation destinations in New Athos after the beach one. Both the man and nature have tried equally giving the rich heritage to the region.

Eponymous monastery built in 1875The can be regarded rightly as the pearl of the attractions of New Athos. Despite its not very long history, it had become not only a cultural, but also the religious center of the region. Today, thousands of tourists come every day in New Athos Monastery. In addition, it is a must-see destination of pilgrimage tours in Abkhazia.

Many attribute Athos Monastery much more considerable age, than it really is, identifying it with the New Athos caves. In fact, these are two completely different objects, which are united with nothing except the name. The Caves are open not so long ago, but their age is more than one thousand years. Maybe, once this place was a shelter of hermit monks. Today Athos Caves are a unique natural monument, which became the hallmark of not only the resort, but the whole Abkhazia.

It is simply impossible to tell all the virtues of the New Athos in one article. The city parks, local cafes and restaurants, a small market, which also deserve the attention of tourists, were left aside.

Perhaps it is because of the huge number of interesting places, many come to New Athos a lot of times. Perhaps the cause is a very special atmosphere, inviting again.

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