Nose Hair: To Pluck or Mechanize?

Nose Hair: To Pluck or Mechanize?

This debate has been going on for a long time. Which does a better job when it comes to nose hair removal; manual removal or machine operated? There are pros and cons to both sides of this discussion and no one practice or product is leaps and bounds ahead of others. Every nose is different any may require different treatment. This article will examine the values of manual and electric nose hair trimming for the average person with no ongoing nasal issues. So let us get started.

Nose Hair: To Pluck or Mechanize?

Manual Nose Trimming – Tweezers

There are a number of ways to get this done without resorting to an electric machine. You can use tweezers to grab on and yank them out one by one. A pro to this method is that you actually get the hairs out with the root which will help keep them from coming back so quickly. There are a few downsides as well like the fact that it is a very slow process to pick out individual hairs. It can also be quite a painful process for some people. Overall this is a decent method to use for those willing to deal with the cons as you will not have to do it as often as with certain other methods.

Manual Nose Trimming – Scissors

You can purchase a pair of scissor especially made for the task of cutting small hairs such as the ones found in mustaches and in the nose. Compared to tweezers this is a lot less painful and also requires less time to do. One of the downsides of scissors is that they will not grab on to the root and therefore you are only trimming the hair, not getting rid of it. Good for people who need to get it done in a pinch.

Manual Nose Trimming – Creams and Waxes

A brave person may be apt to try one of these options. This is not for the faint of heart though. Wax and creams can do a very good job by removing the hair by the roots and do it very quickly. Problems lie in the amount of pain some people experience and the fact there is warm to hot wax entering your nasal cavity. Try your hardest to prevent any from actually getting up your nose but some will eventually find its way in. Depending on your level of pain tolerance this may be the longest lasting manual trimming method.

Electric Nose Trimming

There are hundreds of different electric nose hair trimmers available on the market that essentially do the same thing. Some are better than others at doing this job and some also come packaged as multiple use tools that are not just for your nose. This review is based on the average nose hair trimmer with mid range price. A major pro to using one of these is that they are very fast and efficient at removing those pesky nose hairs. There is little to no pain during the process as well which is a plus to a lot of users. Add in the fact that some of these products have alternative uses and you have a pretty decent little machine.

There are some issues that arise during this process. Firstly is the fact that they do work so efficiently. It has been proven that nose hairs are there for a reason. They help protect you from breathing in larger particles and such that could cause you health problems. If your electric trimmer is doing a clear cut job inside your nostrils you will be vulnerable to all of those airborne molecules that can cause issues. You want to trim your nose hairs but not get rid of every single one of them. It is all about balance when it comes to the inside of your sniffer. Another issue that some have come across with these electric trimmers is the very painful ingrown hairs that can start popping up. Granted ingrown hairs can come into play with any method of hair removal it is more prevalent with the electrical trimmers as they are removing more hair, therefore allowing the chance for more ingrown ones.


The discussion of which method is better has merits from both sides and also some downfalls. The manual method can be time consuming and painful but can get these hairs out on a more permanent scale. On the other hand electric trimmers are ideal for those who want a quick and pain free job done. Again there are down sides here with the issue of you actually needing some nose hair to keep healthy. In grown hairs can really go either way so should not be marked as a negative for just one side as it wouldn’t be a fair assessment.

When it really comes down to it these things are all about personal preference and looking at your opportunity cost for each option. On paper the electrical trimmer is a step above and if you are able to keep it from over trimming it would be leaps and bounds ahead of the manual methods. If you are talented enough with an electrical trimmer this may just be possible, yet for the average consumer there is an assumption about not having the manual dexterity required. So invest in an electrical trimmer and test it out. Most likely you will not run into any of the cons if you are careful and pay close attention to what you are doing. If you find this is not the case you can always grab your trusty tweezers and start plucking.

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