Numerology: the mystery of numbers

Numerology: the mystery of numbers

Numerology is one of the oldest sciences on the numbers which emerged earlier than astrology. Based on the number of digits (except zero), numerology allows us to predict the nature and destiny of men. Since ancient times the numbers played its magical role: some of them were sacred and other were considered as a threat that will lead to failure. Egyptians and Indians were engaged in numerology in ancient times. Pythagoras created the doctrine of number in Europe.

Numerology the mystery of numbers

Numbers of our date of birth, name and all numbers occurring in our life, have their own energy vibration. It can be both positive and negative. Knowing the pros and cons of a number, you it’s possible to predict the future, to avoid dangers and to try to flatten them. Look at the numbers of cars, houses and apartments along the way, remember the dates of important events and maybe you’ll find interesting patterns. Everything isn’t casual in this life. And the numbers are also no accidental.

Date of birth is the main for people. It’s calculated by summing all the numbers in your birth date to single digits, which has its own vibration. This number is the identity of the person. It’s desirable that the name, profession, number of houses, apartments to choose by the number of birth. It’s important that this number is in harmony with other ones, then people feel comfortable.

The number of birth can determine diseases which man is prone to.

• So, people, with number 1 are prone to problems with cardiovascular system;
• Number 2 – diseases of the digestive system;
• Number 3 – skin diseases and disorders of the nervous system;
• Number 4 – people are suffering from melancholy, anemia, headaches;
• Number 5 – problems with sleeping and nerves;
• Number 6 – nose, throat and lungs diseases;
• Number 7 – skin allergies;
• Number 8 – liver, gallbladder, intestines diseases;
• Number 9 – people tend to heat, chicken pox and scarlet fever.

On the basis of predisposition of certain diseases, it’s easy to determine what kind of lifestyle you should live not to suffer from these diseases.

In general, each number in numerology has a corresponding symbol, each number has something positive and negative.

1. Is under the control of the Sun. It’s a symbol of the beginning, the personification of the creative individual.
2. This number, representing the duality, is protected by the Moon. It gives the imagination and artistry.
3. Is controlled by Mars. Number 3 is ambition, discipline, energy and dynamics
4. Is under the influence of Mercury. People of number 4 are always in opposition to others, because they consider all things and events from the opposite point of view.
5. Managed by Jupiter and reflects the flexibility of social growth, variable character.
6. Is under the patronage of Venus. This number can’s stand quarrels, jealousy, are flexible in communication, fair, generous, generally interested in art.
7. Is controlled by Saturn and gives its owner originality, endurance, ability to meditate and rationalism.
8. Is under the influence of Uranus. Reformers, revolutionists and innovators are born under this number.
9. Represents Neptune. People of this number are original, love traveling, interested in the affairs of others, achieve success in their careers.

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